Flower bulbs Tulips

Tulips make spring real. The famous bulb flower has certainly earned its fame. Tulips are colourful, characterful and reliable. Tulips are beautiful plants that speak to the imagination of the young and the old. It is no surprise that - of all flower bulbs - tulip bulbs are the best known. When people talk about bulbs, they often think of tulips first. At Fluwel we are proud that we have a wide range of Dutch tulips bulbs to offer you. We deliver the tulips that you order in autumn, exactly at the best time to plant them.

Bulb Species

Tulip bulbs are the most famous bulb species, but there are other types as well. The Fluwel the web shop contains the following flower bulbs:

  • For indoors the amaryllis is particularly suitable. This colourful flower will grow in your living room.
  • We focus on daffodils. For Fluwel this flower has additional significance. 
  • In the shop you will always find interesting special bulbs that are less known to the general public.

Dutch flower bulbs and tulips

The Netherlands is known throughout the world as a real tulip country. Fluwel sells genuine Dutch tulip bulbs, which we grow ourselves in Zijpe, Noord-Holland. In combination with a trip to Land van Fluwel, you can visit the beautiful tulip fields in spring. Would you be able to recognize the tulip between all other flower bulbs? We believe so. Tulips are truly special.

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