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Amaryllis bulbs are wonderful. This beautiful indoor bulb will bloom for you with no trouble. The varieties we offer are all healthy good growing varieties that do not need any special additional treatment. All bulbs have had the optimum treatment and are ready to flower indoors. Fluwel is an expert when it comes to growing Amaryllises. On our website, you will easily find an Amaryllis that will suit your taste and your home.

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Planting Amaryllises is not difficult

All they need is warmth and a little bit of water. Warmth is very important for Amaryllises, especially the first weeks after planting. When they are grown in a warm location, the leaves will grow together with the flowerstems and the plant will be more beautiful. 

Why Choose Amaryllis?

All types of Amaryllis are so beautiful that we simply cannot pick a favourite. But as with many things of beauty, patience is required. It will take some time for your amaryllis to show any sign of life, up to eight weeks in fact. The amaryllis truly takes its time to bloom. Just like a child growing up or a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

Sometimes people are disappointed or think that they have done something wrong, when in fact their amaryllis is doing just fine. It just takes longer to see the results than it would with any other house plant. But believe us when we say that the Amaryllis well worth a few weeks of waiting. Just look at the pictures on this page. An amaryllis can truly transform a room with its beauty.

As you can see, we offer countless varieties of Amaryllis, each with an exotic or quirky name that only adds to their appeal. All the colours of the rainbow are available, so you are sure to find a specimen that will match your interior decor. It might take a beginner a bit of effort to properly care for an amaryllis, but we’re here to help! Fluwel is perhaps the greatest expert around when it comes to Amaryllises. Here on our site you will find more than enough information to help you get started. So put your doubts aside and grant this beautiful, exotic plant a spot in your home.

Buying Amaryllis Online

In our web shop, you can order amaryllis bulbs from the beginning of November, when they are ready to leave their original soil and begin a new life in your home or garden. This ensures that the bulbs have been optimally prepared by our experts for shipping and planting. The only thing you will need to provide is enough, but not too much, water and warmth. At Fluwel, you will find the highest quality Amaryllises – but not for the highest price. We believe in selling large bulbs for reasonable prices. Our customers appreciate this, as many bulb companies are not transparent when it comes to bulb size and pricing. In addition, you can always contact us about any issues with your order. If a bulb refuses to grow, we will replace it (provided of course that you have done everything possible to help it grow, but with no luck).