Amaryllissen in woonkamer

Taking care of your amaryllis is not difficult, although we do get a lot of questions about it. This is because people are not used to a flower bulb that grows and blooms indoors. Oftentimes they doubt whether or not they should water the flower bulb and if they have put her in the right place: is she most happy on the dining room table, or should she be placed on the window-sill? These are the kind of questions that Fluwel loves to provide an answer for.

Amaryllis in pot

What is the best place for an Amaryllis?

Originally, the amaryllis is a subtropical plant. Therefore, she really does love some comfortable warmth. This makes the ideal place for your amaryllis either close to or above the heater. Especially in the first few weeks after planting this flower bulb, she is very grateful for a nice and warm temperature. If the flower bulb is placed in an area with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius or higher, she will start making roots quickly. When these roots are well developed, the amaryllis tends to bloom even more beautifully. In an amaryllis bulb with good roots, the leafs will grow alongside the flower stems. Additionally, the flower buds will develop much better.

In an area of slightly lower temperature, your amaryllis will certainly grow, but she will not do as well as an amaryllis as an amaryllis bulb that has had a warmer surrounding during the start of their growth.

As soon as the flower buds and the leafs have sprouted from the bulb altogether, and your amaryllis has started growing at a faster pace, she can be relocated to another spot slightly further from the heater, into an area with a slightly lower average temperature. This transition can be made because the roots have now fully developed: this enables your amaryllis to continue growing in a slightly lower temperature, which is better for the overall sustainability of the flowers. You will be able to enjoy your amaryllis for much longer when she is in a bit of a colder space. If she remains in the warmer area, the flowers will develop much quicker, which causes your amaryllis to be finished blooming sooner. Therefore, make sure to move her to a slightly chillier space before she starts blooming!