Fluwel only supplies flower bulbs within the European Union and United Kingdom. Below you will find the handling costs for each country:

Country Shipping costs
Austria € 16,50
Belgium € 8,95
Bulgaria € 52,75
Czech Republic € 19,50
Croatia € 40,00
Cyprus € 47,50
Denmark € 20,00
Germany € 9,95
Estonia € 45,00
Finland € 35,00
France € 19,50
Greece € 45,00
Hungary € 23,50
Ireland € 33,25
Italy € 23,75
Latvia € 45,00
Lithuania € 45,00
Luxemburg € 17,50
Malta € 45,00
Netherlands € 8,95
Poland € 23,50
Portugal € 30,25
Romania € 40,00
Slovakia € 23,50
Slovenia € 34,50
Spain (no Canary Islands)

€ 25,00


€ 19,75


€ 19,95

No free shipping 
Every so often we have a conversation about the shipping cost; do we charge them or do we offer free shipping. After much deliberation, we decided not to offer free shipping. 
Fluwel ships to all countries in the EU and UK and every single country has its own shipping costs. It would not be that difficult to just increase all our bulb prices with 15 % (this is about the average cost of shipping) and then say: Free Shipping. 
But the unfair part of this set up is that by doing this a country like Germany, where the costs of shipping are low, shares for a big part in the costs of shipping to a country like Ireland where the shipping costs are 5 x higher. 
This does not feel right to us. So, for the moment we choose to keep our bulb prices low and to charge for the shipping proportionaly, the same way we are charged for the first 20 kg of every shipment. If you purchase more than 20 kg we will cover the extra costs of shipping. Of course, we dream that in the future the EU will have a postal service like in the US where we just have to deal with 1 or 2 rates for all of Europe.