Planting Crocus Bulbs

To plant your crocus tubers correctly, you will need to make proper preparations. However, it is not a complicated process – just make sure you are aware of how and when your tubers should be planted. Planting season for crocuses starts during the end of summer and lasts throughout autumn. So you will need to plant your crocus tubers before winter starts. As with most bulbs, the earlier you plant them the better, late summer is ideal. Crocuses prefer a location in full sun or dappled shade. They need at least some sun to grow.

Crocuses in Your Garden

First off, make sure that the soil in your garden is properly prepared for crocus tubers. Loosen the soil well so that the shoots will be able to find their way up easily. The soil must be rich and not too wet, so aeration is recommended. Should the soil be too damp, mix in organic matter such as peat. This will ensure that you crocus tubers will not rot.

Dig a trench that is roughly 5-8cm deep and place the tubers 5 - 10cm apart. You can also add specialty fertiliser to further stimulate growth and ensure that your crocuses will grow big and strong. Make sure that you plant crocus tubers with the point facing upwards, as this is where the flower will emerge.

Crocuses in Your Garden
Buying Crocus Tubers Online
Crocus Tubers Online

Easy to care

Crocuses are easy to care for once they have been planted. Make sure that they have enough sun and do not give them too much water. They do not mind the company of other spring blooming flower bulbs, so feel free to create a diverse flowerbed by adding other bulbs, such as tulips or daffodils. As you can imagine, this will look quite spectacular! Take a look at our ‘Crocus’ page for more ideas. We have purple, bright yellow and white crocuses that are the very picture of spring.

It must be noted that not only people love crocuses. Squirrels love crocus tubers and might dig them up. If you often see squirrels in your garden, it might be wise to put chicken wire over your flowers beds. This will ensure that you crocus tubers stay safe and healthy until spring.

Of course, you can purchase crocus tubers from the web shop. We sell single bulbs by type, but also in mixtures and combinations. If you are unsure what types of bulbs flowers will look good together, take a look at our bulbs mixes. We also offer mixes that include specialty bulbs such as muscari, hyacinths and anemone. With our help you will be able to transform your garden into a sea of flowers.