Flowers Love You, We Enjoy Life. That's what Fluwel stands for. An international company with a preference for the best and most beautiful flower bulbs.

Fluwel was founded in 2007 and developed the "Fluwel Quality". A proprietary concept, with an emphasis on exclusive bulbs that deliver the best results. Depending on the season, Fluwel offers a varying assortment of flower bulbs with mostly new and unique varieties. Read more about Fluwel Nursery.

Daffodil Specialist Carlos van der Veek

Carlos van der veekCarlos is a passionate bulb man and co-founder of Fluwel. He was born among the daffodils. His father was already breeding daffodils and when he stopped breeding, he started collecting and breeding special species. Following on from his father, Carlos became a true daffodil specialist and now has an impressive and unique collection of daffodils.

He has also worked for many years in export. "I often saw that the best flower bulbs, the exclusive varieties, were shipped to distant countries such as Japan, Russia and the US. On the Dutch market you mainly saw the cheaper types. Quantity above quality, and all for a low price. That was the starting point for me to set up Fluwel." Read the whole interview with Carlos van der Veek.

Show garden

Fluwel garden

On the land next to Fluwel, all flower bulbs that are sold in the webshop are planted on the show garden every year. In this way Fluwel checks whether the quality of all types supplied is in order. In addition, many new varieties are planted here to gain inspiration and ideas for renewal and expansion of the range.

Carlos knows all the flower bulbs, gives new varieties a name and the - sometimes very personal - product descriptions in the webshop are all from his hand.

Carlos has an eye for quality. With this quality, he has made Fluwel the center of the European flower bulb world. Fluwel now ships to 27 countries in the EU.