Flower bulbs are our passion!

Welcome at Fluwel. In our shop you can buy many different bulbs. The flower bulbs that we have selected for you in our webshop are of a special quality. All our flower bulbs have guaranteed flowering guarantee, the largest bulb size and we offer an excellent delivery.

Buy flower bulbs

The offer on our site varies depending on the season. At this moment you can order amaryllis, lilies, begonia, dahlias, eucomis, nerine, zantedeschia and special summer flowering bulbs

In May we will start selling spring flowers again: daffodils, tulips, hyacinthsspecialty bulbs (like crocuses and allium) and various mixtures & combinations.

Flower bulb information

Every flower bulb in our webshop has its own qualities and conditions. That is why Fluwel provides specific information about the flower bulb for each individual product. You will also receive this information with your order.

Plant and care for flower bulbs

Which flower bulbs fit best in your garden, terrace or balcony? What is the best way to plant those specific bulbs? On our site you will also find the necessary information about planting and taking care of all flower bulbs. Thanks to this information, every flower bulb that you buy from us really becomes the beautiful bulb flower that the bulb has in it!

Take a look around, and if you need help, we would love to hear from you!

Team Fluwel