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Flower bulbs are our passion. In our shop you can buy many different bulbs. Bulbs combine a lot good qualities, as the stunning flower fields prove every year. Our website will prove this as well.

The flower bulbs that we have selected for you in our webshop are of a special quality. We do speak of Fluwel Quality: special, exclusive bulbs that we can offer online for a friendly price, in small quantities, so that you can plant them in your garden.

Buy flower bulbs

There are many different types of flower bulbs in our range. The offer on our site varies depending on the season. At this moment you can order the following flower bulbs from us: daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, specialty bulbs (like crocuses and allium) and various mixtures & combinations.

From November you can buy amaryllis again. And from spring 2020 you can also buy dahlias, eucomis, nerine, zantedeschia and special summer flowering bulbs again. All our flower bulbs have guaranteed flowering guarantee, the largest bulb size and we offer an excellent delivery.

Flower bulb information

Every flower bulb in our webshop has its own qualities. That is why Fluwel also provides information for each individual product. It makes it easy for you to make the right choice again.

Which flower bulbs fit best in your garden? What is the best way to plant those specific flower bulbs? Thanks to the information from Fluwel, every flower bulb that you buy from us really becomes the beautiful bulb flower that the bulb has in it!

Plant flower bulbs

In addition to bulbs in the web shop, you will also find useful information about plants of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and many other bulbs on our site. A good bulb is large and hardly susceptible to diseases. We know what to look out for, you don't have to.

Planting flower bulbs is not difficult, but you have to know the right time. Plant the bulbs deep in the ground, in a cool season. On our site you can read more information per bulb, you can always contact us for plant advice. Follow us on social media, you will receive extra tips!

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