Fluwel stands for quality, Fluwelquality as we call it. Ordering from Fluwel guarantees the following:

Largest bulb size

We will sell you only the largest bulbs. The reason for wanting bulbs in their largest form is that, because they are more mature, they contain the most “food” and will provide the largest bloom. The size of the sphere is indicated by its circumference in centimeters. The bulb size can be found in the product description.

The photo below shows the difference in bloom with a narcissus bulb with bulb size 10/12 (left) and with bulb size 14/16 (right) that Fluwel sells;

Guaranteed flowering guarantee

All flower bulbs are planted and tested in our own experimental garden. Only if they yield the best flowering result do they come into the webshop.

Excellent delivery

All orders will be shipped at the correct time for planting. Orders are packaged at Fluwel and shipped the same day via PostNL. You will receive a track & trace code for this. Depending on the season, you will receive the order within 3-6 business days. We will not send flower bulbs between 17 May and 28 September, you will place a pre-order. These will be sent after September 28. Due to the large number of orders, it can take 5-10 business days before you receive this order. No orders will be sent between December 15 and January 6.

Customer Service

We will take care of you, our customer. We know that there is only one way we can continue in business and that is to make you happier dealing with us than anyone else. We guarantee to replace free-of-charge any bulb which does not grow to perfection under ordinary care.