Mixture Tulip Fun Colors
Fun Colours
Fun Colours
Fun Colours

Fun Colours

Tulipa Fun Colours

Per 100 pieces


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 Bulb size
12 cm
 Light requirement
Sunny, Half shade
 Plant height
20 - 30 cm
 Planting depth
10 - 15 cm
 Pot plant

This glorious mix consists of the tulip Toronto and two of her colour-mutants Winnipeg and Quebec. Grower Langelaan from the village Julianadorp in North Holland manages to deliver a fantastic, high-quality yield of these three tulips each year. Initially, his sales of Quebec and Winnipeg were a little bit lower than expected. Toronto always did well on the market, as it was well-known and reliable, but the newer Quebec and yellowish Winnipeg proved to be a little bit more difficult to sell. He decided to plant them together as a mix at the Keukenhof one year, as they were three identical tulips whose only difference was their colour. Even the rich way of blooming, with three to sometimes even five flowers from one bulb, appears in all three tulips. The name tag read Fun Colours, just because he thought the colors were, well, fun. When Fun Colors first came to bloom at the Keukenhof, Langelaan’s phone kept on ringing: now that is beautiful, where can I buy it?