Amaryllis plant instruction

An amaryllis can be planted with the lower half of the flower bulb in the earth. Use a common potting soil suitable for garden- or houseplants. Make sure the pot gives the amaryllis enough space around the bulb: this is necessary for watering. Do not fill the pot until the edge completely, otherwise the water will run out of the pot when watering.

After planting, the neck of your amaryllis bulb sticks out above the edge of the pot (see picture). Then, place the pot containing your amaryllis bulb in a warm space, preferably near a heater, to make sure it gets all the warmth it needs to develop good roots. Keep the soil reasonably moist, not too wet but not too dry, like you would with your other houseplants. Depending on the variety your amaryllis blooms in 6 to 8 weeks.

Amaryllis in pot
how to grow amaryllis in water

How to grow an Amaryllis in water?

Another way of planting your amaryllis is in a vase or glass pot, without soil. This way, the amaryllis will bloom on water. For this, you need an appropriate glass vase. You can buy these vases (see picture) in Fluwel’s web shop: you can order them directly with your amaryllis. This vase holds the bulb tight as its roots hang in the water. Make sure that the water just touches the lower side of the bulb: this stimulates the roots to come out of the bulb.

A few days after you have put your amaryllis bulb on water, the water will colour slightly red and look cloudy. No problem, just refresh the water, gently rinse the roots and place the bulb back on the clean water in its vase. Sometimes this procedure has to be repeated, but after that, the water will stay fresh and clear.

The amaryllis after blooming

Getting an amaryllis to flower for a second year is not an easy task. Fluwel guarantees a spectaculair blooming amaryllis bulb in the first year. A blooming flower in any year after that cannot be guaranteed. Do you want to try to get your amaryllis to bloom for a second year, then we have more information for you: have a look at ‘Getting Your Amaryllis to Bloom For Multiple Years’.