Planting tulip bulbs

Tulips make your garden more beautiful and bring the spring as close as you can get. That's why it's so great to plant tulips yourself: you will actually plant the spring! Fluwel makes planting tulip bulbs easy by giving useful information. We help you to get the best out of spring and all out of your tulip!

Planting tulips step by step

Everything starts with the preparation, so does planting tulip bulbs. So, find a nice place in your garden. A great idea is to plant the bulbs in a circle around a tree. Tulip bulbs are wonderful in a border, especially if you plant them apart, a bit “loose”, which is a good idea if you let them grow naturally. Of course you can also plant them in rows, for example on the edge of your terrace.

If you have found a place for your tulip bulbs, you can start digging. You can plant tulip bulbs at about 15 cm depth, or even deeper. Especially if you want the tulip to grow naturally for a few years, planting them deeper (up to 30cm) is an option.

After planting, tulip bulbs do not need much care anymore. They will soon come up when it's spring. You can fertilize them a little, but not too much. After flowering, you can then take of the flower (“decapitate”), so that the tulip bulb will not waste energy. Optionally, you can even pick the bulb out of the ground, get rid of unnecessary parts (outer layer, small bulbs, its stem) and plant then again in the autumn. Then you do as the bulb grower does!

When should you plant tulips?

Tulips are planted in autumn. Many people make haste with it, they plant the bulbs as soon as the first leaf falls of the tree. That haste is not necessary, you should better plant those bulbs later, when the soil is cold already. Cold soil is exactly what the tulips need in winter, when they are preparing to their spring bloom.

So, plant tulip bulbs in late autumn - but that is still somewhat vague. To determine the ideal time to plant your bulbs, you should keep an eye on the temperature. Only when it is below 10 degrees Celsius, planting is a good idea. So that’s late October in Northern Europe, late November in the south of France and just before Christmas in southern Italy!

Tulip planting tips

To keep the tulips a few year, you can plant them a little deeper than average. Give them a dry place, such as sandy soil that drains rainwater well. Choose the best types that last long, eg Red Impression & Pink Impression, Spring Garden, Lady Jane and Sylvestris.

Plant tulips with their point upwards. If you plant them with the point down, the tulip will grow anyway, that's no problem, but with the point upwards you will have the best results.

Spread flowers: plant different kinds of tulips together (at least 1 cm between them) to ensure that they bloom one by one, then you enjoy a long spring!

Tulip planting with Fluwel

Do you want to know more about planting tulip bulbs? Fluwel is happy to help you. We have our own theme park dedicated to tulips, Fluwel's Tulpenland, where you can gain a lot of inspiration and we gladly tell you more. Meet us there!