Planting Eranthis Bulbs

The plant genus eranthis (or winter aconite) resembles the better known buttercup, which can be found in any field. However, the eranthis is even smaller. Eranthis bulbs are also small, each just the size of a pea. This can make planting the eranthis a but tricky, but once they have been planted these yellow flowers will be there to stay. Because they are low-growing and have spreading leaves, eranthis flowers are ideal as a ground cover. Eranthis can even bloom while there is still snow on the ground. When the sun begins to shine, the circle of leaves will open to reveal a small yellow bud. So while eranthis may look delicate, this bulb flower is actually quite tough.

How to Plant Eranthis Bulbs

You can start planting in September, as eranthis will bloom from January thru March. As with all bulbs; the earlier you plant, the earlier they will bloom. Bear in mind that your eranthis bulbs must be planted before the frost. Fortunately, you can purchase your eranthis bulbs from starting in early autumn. So you can be sure that you will receive them in time. Plant your eranthis bulbs in a semi-shaded spot, perhaps under a tree or bush, but ensure that they do get some sun. Full sun is also acceptable. Dig a trench that is about 5cm deep and plant the bulbs about 7cm apart. The eranthis prefers  well-drained, fertile soil, so make sure you prepare accordingly.

Buying Eranthis Online

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