Dahlia Bulbs

The dahlia is a spring flower with a long history of garden use. Dahlias were kept as a decorative plant by farmers, so that they could pick flowers all spring. This is something that truly sets the dahlia apart from other bulb flowers – once you pick a flower another one will often grow in its place. Dahlia bulbs are full of life and energy. Farmers learned to appreciate this early on, but dahlias also found their way to urban gardens quickly.

Fluwel is a flower bulb specialist, best known for our tulip and daffodil bulbs. And while dahlias are actually tubers, they will give you the same spring joy as bulb flowers will. Bringing spring to you garden is what we do best, so we are more than happy to include dahlia tubers in our web shop!

About Dahlia Tubers

Dahlias are as diverse as people, each with their own characteristics and features. Perhaps this is why they are so popular. It is almost unfair to make general statements about dahlias, as they are all so unique. This is why Fluwel offers information on each type of dahlia tuber we have available. This allows us to give a correct first impression of all the beautiful dahlias we have to offer.

The dahlia is a joyful flower. When you cut a dahlia, one or even two flowers will grow back in its place. This means that dahlia bulbs are constant source of spring colour and fragrance. We like to say that the dahlia is thanking us. When a dahlia feels at home in your garden, it will produce the most flowers. What could be more charming than a plant that rewards you so well for your care?

Buying Dahlias Online

At Fluwel we have a large selection of various dahlia bulbs. You can order dahlias from us as soon as they are in stock, which of course depends on the season. To make sure you don’t miss a minute of the dahlia season, sign up for our newsletter and we will let you know immediately when our dahlia bulbs are in stock. And of course you will also be informed about our other bulbs.

Choosing to order dahlias from Fluwel means you are choosing Fluwel quality. This means the best quality bulb and tubers from the most innovative growers. Due to our connections in the bulb growing world, we can offer bulbs that are hard to find elsewhere. This means we can offer exclusive bulbs and tubers. We take pride in our selection of dahlias!

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