Buying Eranthis Bulbs

The eranthis is a very special flower. Only two types of eranthis are grown as garden flowers: the eranthis hyemalis (a European variety) and the eranthis Cilicia (a Turkish variety). We sell the European eranthis variety in our online shop. The name is Greek and means ‘spring flower’, which is very fitting as the eranthis will bloom from January thru March. Because eranthis is such an early bloomer, you also need to plant them early, preferably in September. As with all spring blooming flower bulbs, the earlier you plant them the better, as this means that your flowers will bloom as early as possible. Eranthis bulbs are very small, only just the size of a pea. This means that planting eranthis bulbs can be a bit tricky.

Taking Care of Eranthis

Because the eranthis originates from a wooded environment, it requires well-drained soil with adequate plant matter. If the soil is too dry, you can add compost or special bulb fertilizer. This will help keep the soil damp, but not waterlogged. Should your eranthis bulbs not get enough water or sunlight, they might not bloom. But when planted successfully, eranthis will continue to liven up your garden for years to come.

Eranthis has small, lemon yellow flowers that resemble buttercups at first glance. These flowers are low growing and have many leaves that surround the flower like a wreath. While they are cheerful enough to brighten your garden up, they will not steal the spotlight. Once planted, they will often start multiplying, so that even more eranthis flowers will appear in your garden. Eranthis is both self-reliant and endearing. Because they are subtle and do not require much extra care, eranthis is easy to combine with other bulb flowers.

Buying Eranthis Bulbs Online

Despite eranthis bulbs being naturally very small, we always strive to provide the largest, healthiest, bulbs available. We always offer the largest possible bulbs for a fair price that guarantees our customers get good value for money. While we do all we can to guarantee that our bulbs will perform well in your garden, nature can be unpredictable and sometimes a bulb will fail. However, this is rare. Fluwel is more than just an online shop – we have years of experience in the flower bulb sector and are still passionate as ever. We also have a theme park about bulbs and an experimental garden where we test all our bulb flowers personally before adding them to our selection. This means you can visit us and see our flowers in action.  We take pride in the quality of our bulbs and the quality of our customer service. Although we strive to give you all the necessary information on our website, we can imagine you might still have questions. So, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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