Daffodil bulbs

Daffodil bulbs

The unique garden of daffodils at Fluwel might possibly be the largest collection of daffodil bulbs in the world. Many hundreds of unique species have found their place here. Carlos van der Veek, co-owner of Fluwel, has a particular fascination for daffodil bulbs. That’s not a big surprise, since the daffodil has many special features that certainly make it one of the most beautiful flower bulbs.

Daffodil bulbs bloom early in the year. Like the tulip, they are associated with spring. When the daffodils bloom, then the spring is real, it is said. It is therefore no surprise that the snowdrop, the other spring flower, is related to the daffodil. In late winter, daffodil bulbs are given as a gift to wish each other prosperity and a nice spring.

Daffodil bulbs in the garden
Daffodil bulbs of Fluwel
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Daffodil bulbs in the garden

Daffodils have a delicate charm. They are not impressive, but have a fragile beauty. Therefore daffodils are often more at home in the garden than in a vast field full of bulb flowers. A spot in the garden just fits better with the character of this flower. Many people therefore choose for daffodil bulbs to plant them in their garden.

Daffodils grow well in our climate. The daffodil is a native plant. You can also easily grow daffodils in your garden, once you plant them they will keep coming back every year. Plant daffodil bulbs in a sunny spot and let them go, they are strong and willing to grow. In this way they will become a part of your garden. Daffodils have a delicious smell and will remain beautiful for months. Who would not want such a flower growing in their garden?

Daffodil bulbs at Fluwel

Do you want to buy daffodil bulbs? We at Fluwel would like to invite you to our web shop. Fluwel does more with daffodil bulbs than just exhibit them in our garden. With us you can order daffodil bulbs online as well, including the special and rare species that we have collected for you. Our daffodil collection is unique. Just ake a look at our shop!

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