Buying Muscari Bulbs

In the autumn, it might seem too early to think about spring flowers. But planting your flower bulbs in time is important. Many bulb flowers, such as our muscari, need to be planted early to bloom in spring. Muscari, or grape hyacinth, are best known as a blue-purple flower – but there are many more varieties available. We like muscari as a garden flower, but they can also do well as a potted flower inside your home. These cheerful flowers will give you plenty of options. Grape hyacinths can also be combined well with other spring blooming bulb flowers, such as daffodils and some types of tulip.

Here at Fluwel, you can buy muscari bulbs for a reasonable price. As strange as it may sound, there are no standard prices for flower bulbs. This allows growers to set their own prices. We try and cater to our customers wishes when pricing our bulbs. We believe in fair pricing that will allow customers with any budget to buy flower bulbs they like.

Muscari – A True Spring Flower

Grape hyacinths are always a good buy. They are known as spring bloomers, but did you know that they will continue the bloom year after year? This means that you will only need to buy muscari bulbs once in order to enjoy muscari for years. However, this can only work if you plant your grape hyacinths in a good spot. Muscari prefer the a location in full sun or partial shade and do not like wet feet. You can of course find more information about planting muscari bulbs here on our website. Grape hyacinths are available in our online shop from the beginning autumn, as this is when the planting season begins. And the earlier you plant your bulbs, the earlier they will bloom! It is also possible that your muscari will multiply be themselves, but this will take a bit of luck. It is always possible to re-plant your muscari bulbs, for example if you think they are too close together.

Buying Muscari Online

The hardest part about buying muscari bulbs online, is choosing your favourite. Our online shop at is designed to make the rest as easy as possible. We also guarantee the largest possible flower bulbs of the best quality. Because we always ship our bulbs at the beginning of the planting season, you can rest assured that they will arrive at the perfect time to be planted in your garden. While we strive to give you all the necessary information on our bulbs and how to plant them, you ay still have some questions. If this is the case, you can always contact our customer service

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