Buying Hyacinth Bulbs

Everyone knows hyacinths as one of the earliest spring blooming flowers, along with daffodils and crocuses. Early spring flowers are always a sight for sore eyes after the winter has finally passed. This is one of the reasons they are often planted in public parks. Here at you can buy hyacinths for prices that will cheer you up as much as the flowers will. We have noticed that not all gardeners can appreciate hyacinths, or see them as potted flowers. This might be because hyacinths are a classic flower, which might make them seem old-fashioned to some. But hyacinths have many redeeming qualities that make them truly timeless garden flowers.

Taking Care of Hyacinths

One of the great tings about hyacinths, is that they are easy to car for. And when they are planted in a good spot, they will continue to grow and flower year after year. As they flower in early spring, hyacinths will need to be planted during autumn. After planting your hyacinth bulbs, you might need to protect your hyacinths from severe frost, but no other care is required. Once planted, hyacinths are self-reliant and all you will need to do is wait for the flowers to appear. Hyacinth bulbs can also be planted as potted flowers for inside the home. So why not plant some hyacinths in a pretty pot for your dining table or window sill? Whatever you choose, we have everything you need.

Buying Hyacinth Bulbs Online

Fluwel is known for its large selection of flower bulbs. We sell not only classic bulb flowers, but also specialty bulbs and rare varieties. This also applies to our collection of hyacinths. Most people have only ever seen purple, pink or  perhaps white hyacinths. But there are many more options available. Creating a modern, exciting garden with hyacinths is certainly possible. Just take a look at the Yellowstone of Jan Bos varieties. Or perhaps our hyacinth mix ‘Etouffee’ will strike your fancy. This mixture of hyacinth bulbs contains four different types in complementary colours, creating an eye-catching feature in any flowerbed.

When you buy your hyacinth bulbs from, you can rest assured that the bulb you’ve ordered have been carefully selected for size and potential. We guarantee that our bulbs will do well in proper garden conditions. Should a bulb fail unexpectedly, please contact us immediately. We always strive to find a solution that will keep our customers happy. It is our policy to combine knowledge and experience. Add a bit of enthusiasm, and that’s the recipe for success. We want everyone, young and old alike, to enjoy bulb flowers as much as we do.

Fluwel has more to offer than hyacinths. As previously mentioned, we also have crocuses and daffodils in our collection. We also offer a range of grape hyacinths, tulips, amaryllises and lilies.