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The Amaryllis bulbs are available again! 

We are proud to inform you that no fewer than 95 different Amaryllis are available in our webshop this year.

Amaryllis Shine Dream

As a Daffodil lover I should of course not say that the Amaryllis is my favorite flower bulb, but I will do it anyway. If in the dark days before and after Christmas there are no Daffodils to be found, I think I can fall in love with the Amaryllis for a while, I doubt the Daffodil will mind.

The biggest reason I love the Amaryllis so much is because she always performs well. Always? Yes always. No kidding, if you leave them in the box they will still bloom. It seems that it can’t go wrong.

Amaryllis Doublet

Planted in a pot, well taken care for, they will of course do even better. You can read how to get the best out of an Amaryllis under 'Flower bulb information' on the Fluwel website.

Amaryllis Happy Nymph

What I also love about the Amaryllis is that it is one of the nicest things to give as a present. At least for me. I like to give an Amaryllis bulb to friends or acquaintances and you always make someone happy when you give such a nice big bulb. And, you almost always get a response; how beautiful that Amaryllis was, what a lot of flowers and even a third stem appeared. We enjoyed it so much and I also gave one to my mother, that one performed great as well, she absolutely adores you, thank you again.

Amaryllis Grandise Fantasy

The cheerful flowers of the Amaryllis makes me happy in the month of winter. Often the weather outside is a bit of 'let's stay inside' grey, dreary and cold. At such moments it is really enjoyable to see such an exuberantly blooming flower bulb. 

This year a fantastically beautiful and extensive range with some very nice newcomers.

Amaryllis Blossom Nymph

The double-flowered Amaryllis get better every year, Blossom Nymph is an example of this. Well-filled, large flowers on a healthy, sturdy plant.

Amaryllis Happy Grandise

Red still is the most popular color for Amaryllis. One of the reasons for that is certainly because the Amaryllis often blooms around Christmas. If you want to go for red, the Happy Grandise is definitely recommended. She is larger and redder than most of the other red Amaryllises. XXL, from a different category, just beautiful.

Amaryllis Wild Amazone

And the good news; the Wild Amazon is back. This exotic Amaryllis was sold out in a fart and a toot two years ago, last year she was not available (the breeder had sold too many the first year) but yay rah-rah whoopee, she's back. Do not wait too long to order if you want to enjoy this magnificent flower.

Amaryllis Chico

Feel free to take a look in our store to see all the beauty, and if you are going to order something, think of that good friend you will be visiting soon…

I quickly go outside again to plant the last Daffodils, always nice when they are back in the ground. 

Best regards and keep smiling,

Carlos van der Veek

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