Fiona (Red Sarah Bernhardt)
Fiona (Red Sarah Bernhardt)
Fiona (Red Sarah Bernhardt)
Fiona (Red Sarah Bernhardt)

Fiona (Red Sarah Bernhardt)

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Fiona (Red Sarah Bernhardt)

Belkmerweg 20

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

Belkmerweg 20
1754 GB Burgerbrug

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Fiona, better known under the name Red Sarah Bernhardt in trade, is a color variant of the popular and undestroyable Sarah Bernhardt. It sometimes occurs that a particular plant spontaneously changes in color. Nine out of the ten times that this happens, this does not bring any improvement and the plants are removed from the stock. However, sometimes it comes as a nice surprise and an addition that is more than welcome. And if this happens happen with a Peony that already has all the good character traits and that has earned her respect, you will cherish this as a grower and rapidly make your own stock of this newcomer. How happy the grower must have been when he found this Fuchsia pink variety in his stock of Sarah Bernhardt.

 Light requirement
Sunny, Half shade
 Plant height
80 - 100 cm
 Plant cutting
 Fragrance level

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