Planting Lily Bulbs

Lilies are quite the divas among bulb flowers: beautiful, elegant and quite demanding. It is true that lilies have become better adapted to our climate after being grown here for some time, but still they require specific care. Lilies cannont be planted just anywhere. They need very fertile soil that is not too heavy. The soil must have a thick layer of humus. Lilies like damp but not overly wet soil, so it must be well-drained. Too keep the soil cool and damp, plant your lilies close to other plants.

When and How do I Plant Lilies?

Lilies can be planted from October to March or April. This means lilies can be planted during a period of almost half a year, even when temperatures are below freezing. Lilies can handle the cold well so long as they are not too exposed to wind and rain, as moisture can damage them. They also need sunlight, so plant your lilies in partial shade. To plant lily bulbs, dig a trench that is 10-15cm deep and loosen up the soil. You can add fertiliser or a layer of humus if necessary. Place the bulbs in the trench with the point on top and cover them with a layer of soil. Give them a bit of water, but remember that this can be detrimental during winter. Plant lily bulbs in groups of three or five, keeping a distance of about 25-30cm between the bulbs.

Buying Lilies Online

Once planted, your lilies can last for years, so choose your planting location wisely. Even though lilies a somewhat trickier to take care of than our other bulbs, we can assure you that they are worth it. Lilies can be showy or subtle. We sell lilies in a wide array of colours and varieties, so you will surely be able to find something that will suit your garden. There is even a variety that is almost black! Almost, as true black does not occur in nature – but if you like darker colours, this flower is for you. There is also a multitude of bright colours to choose from, there really is a lily for everyone! Look around and see what catches your eye.

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