Planting Eucomis Bulbs

The eucomis might not seem like a particularly striking plant at first glance. Its flowers have subtle colours and the leaves are gathered in pointy clusters that resemble a pineapple. An unusual bulb flower perhaps, but still definitely worth considering for your garden. Fortunately, gardeners have started to value the eucomis more in recent years. Because the eucomis is not a showy flower, it can be planted either in a prominent spot or used to create contrast amongst brighter flowers. For example, eucomis can be planted toward the back of a busy flower bed as a backdrop for the other flowers. In addition, eucomis is an easy-going plant that all gardeners will be able to handle.

How to Plant Eucomis

Planting eucmois in your garden is sure to be a success. Plant your eucomis bulbs in spring, as they will bloom from July thru September. Make sure the planting soil is damp and well-drained. Eucomis does prefer a bit of sun, so pick a spot that gets about six hours of sunlight each day. Keep a good distance between the bulbs when placing them in the planting trench to keep them out of each other’s way, as they will grow quite large. Outdoors eucomis will begin blooming in June, with pretty white flowers, sometimes tipped with purple. You can also plant eucomis as a potted flower. In that case, stick to three bulbs per pot.

As you can see, eucomis is a versatile flower that is certainly worth experimenting with. As eucomis flowers will grow up to 30-50cm in height, they can also act as a low border hedge of sorts. Their best characteristic however, is their decorative seed buds that appear after flowering. These are almost as pretty as the flowers themselves, so eucomis will add visual interest to your borders for a good three months. As the eucomis is undemanding in regards to soil type, it is easily combined with other bulb flowers, so long as they share the same flowering period.

Buying Eucomis Bulbs Online

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