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The power of flower bulbs is evident from the history of the lily. Lilies have many different faces. One little bulb can grow into one of many stunning flowers, each one more elegant than the other. Lilies have a lot of character and many excellent qualities. Here at Fluwel we are very enthusiastic about this flower, which is clearly reflected by the large selection in our online shop.

Lilies have character and a mind of their own. Anyone working with lilies needs to remember this, as lily bulbs do not like being out of the soil for too long and need to be replanted as quickly as possible. Cool soil and warm sun are ideal for lily bulbs. Lilies are planted in autumn, like most other bulbs. But some varieties are best planted in early spring (March, April). Please see our page on planting lily bulbs for more information.

Lily Bulbs in Your Garden

Lilies are a bulb flower. Each beautiful lily starts its life as a bulb full of stored energy, just waiting to burst into bloom. Exactly when your lily will bloom, depends on the lily. Some lilies bloom in spring, but others will make you wait a bit longer. This can be advantageous, as most other bulbs will have stopped blooming by summer, while late blooming lilies will give you a nice reminder of spring.

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Lily bulbs often fascinate people as much as the lily itself. In China, for example, lily bulbs are considered a delicacy. It is indeed remarkable that such a small bulb can produce such gorgeous flowers. The lily is graceful, patient and magnificent in its colours and scent. Planting lily bulbs in winter or spring will truly allow you to experience a natural wonder.

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Ordering lilies at Fluwel is easy, as you would expect from us. We also offer all the necessary information on each individual flower. There is a lot to choose from – beautifully shaped, top quality lilies in all colours imaginable. Make sure to check exactly when your lilies will bloom so you will know what to expect. When you choose to buy lily bulbs and plant them in your garden, so you too can enjoy this exceptional flower.

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