As is the case with many bulb flower names, ‘Iris’ first makes its appearance in Greek mythology. Iris was the messenger of the gods. She travelled from the heavens to earth and back in the form of a rainbow. So it comes as no surprise that iris bulbs are available in so many different colours. The most well-known type however, is the blue-purple iris laevigata. All types of iris have six petals, of which three stand upright and three hang down. The hanging petals are known as the flowers ‘lip’. Despite irises having a predictable shape, they have many redeeming qualities. Planting iris bulbs in your garden will guarantee colour.

Planting Iris Bulbs

While irises may all have the same shape, they do have different demands. Each type of iris has its own soil preferences. Some irises like wet soil so much they don’t mind standing in water, while others prefer to keep their feet dry. But what they all have in common is their love of a nice sunny location. In this respect irises are just like people! To plant iris bulbs, dig a trench about 10cm deep and plant the bulbs about 8cm apart. Always plant your bulbs with the point facing upwards, so that the flower can grow in the right direction. Make sure to water the bulbs frequently. Want to know more? We have information about planting bulb flowers and other planting tips.

Planting a variety of different colours together is one of the best ways to plant iris bulbs. This will certainly give your garden a rainbow of colour. Just make sure that you choose irises with similar soil requirements. When you irises bloom in March, you can also choose to cut them and place them in a vase in your home. Nothing beats a bouquet of flowers from you own garden! Towards the end of summer, remove any dead leaves left after flowering, so that the bulb can conserve its energy for the next cycle of growing and flowering.

Buying Iris Bulbs Online

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