Bulb flower mixtures

Ordering bulbs separately has become commonplace, but on our website there are many more possibilities. We are proud of our own bulb flower mixtures, which brought us international fame. These bulb mixtures and combinations consist of different types of bulbs that form a beautiful flower bed together. They bloom simultaneously, as one would expect of a good flower mixture.

Bulb flower mixtures, why?

The bulbs in our store are usually sold separately, in small numbers. That is what made Fluwel famous: bulbs for consumers, in quantities that are useful for the garden. Our customers planted daffodils in a circle around a tree, or created a tulip bed in order to welcome the feeling of spring in their garden. But one colour, one species – isn’t that somewhat monotonous? Fluwel customers can contact us for any questions they have. We often hear questions about combining bulbs. "If I put those plants together, will the combination turn out well?" We are pleased to answer those questions - but we'd rather be one step ahead. So we created Fluwel’s bulb flower mixtures: combinations of bulbs that fit nicely together and start flowering at the same time. Plant this mixture and enjoy a truly colourful spring!

Flower bulbs in contrast

What is beautiful? Fluwel has no single answer for that question. There are as many opinions about bulbs as there are about flowers. The same goes for a good flower combination as for a tasty meal or formal dress: contrast and combination should go together. Choose flowers that fit together, for example in hue and size, but dare to contrast to an extent, by just adding a different colour or by working with different heights.

Mixture trends

Beautiful mixtures are a matter of taste, but a fashion statement as well. What we find beautiful now perhaps used to be ugly a few decades ago. Fashion changes all the time and depends on regions and countries. Fluwel has many customers in different parts of the world. Thus we see that the trends vary by country. English customers are fond of symmetry, for example. Fluwel also sells bulbs overseas. Europeans like to say that in the States, everything is bigger. That certainly applies to tulips. Americans love tall plants with large flowers on them. Fluwel always wants to understand the taste of our customers. We follow the bulb flower fashion closely, even in our mixtures. The bulb mixtures of Fluwel are modern and fresh, based on the taste of the public - and on our taste, of course. Everything Fluwel stands for is reflected in our mixtures.

The mixtures of Carlos

Flower bulbs are the great passion of Carlos van der Veek, co-founder of Fluwel and a well-known collector of daffodils. He is also the creative brain behind our bulb flower mixtures. Inspired by the work of colleagues in the Netherlands and abroad, he has developed special mixtures that are for sale in the Fluwel shop. You can view photos on the site, but another option is visiting Fluwel Land, with our own “Bollentrein” (flower bulb train), have a look in the gardens that Carlos himself arranged around his farm.

Order bulb flower mixtures

Fluwel has a user-friendly online store where you can easily enter an order. Of course a shop for bulbs is not the same as an online store for clothes or books. Flower bulbs are not available all year. The order you place will be delivered when it makes sense, so you will receive your order at the moment you can start planting bulbs. Our flower bulbs are popular and sometimes sold out early in the season. Therefore, ordering far in advance is wise.