You certainly know some of those people, who do not seem to age at all. Unbreakable, always in shape and you’re always surprised when you hear their age.

Did you know it was Klaas’s birthday yesterday? Klaas from across the road. I ran into Mien at the bakery, she told me. He turned 76 can you believe it? Get out of town! are you kidding? Yes really, she really said that. Only last year he wanted to throw a party for the whole neighbourhood, but he couldn’t because of Rona. Willem’s pub was already rented out. Sad but unbelievable, if you would have told me he was 66 I would have barely believed you as well. Well, these kinds of people I mean, we all know a few.

But did you know that there are also some flower bulbs which can surprise you with their age. Those beautiful flowers of which you’d think that they are the newest of the newest, totally hip. But when you hear their age, you will be flabbergasted, just like with Klaas from across the road.

Allow me to introduce you to a few of these bulbs:

Our Tulip mix Madonna’s Hung Up exists of the Tulip Madonna and her red and yellow colour mutants. This trendy parrot Tulip is no less than 61 years old. By the way, Singer Madonna known for the song Hung Up, in which she sings ‘Those who run seem to get all the fun’ is even older, next month she will turn 63.


Angelique is a ripe lady herself as well. When you would see her for the first time you’d think, oh me oh my what beautiful tulips they make nowadays. Not so, 62 years ago she was first introduced, unbelievable right? Until this day she radiates class and style.

Mount Tacoma

What is also unimaginable is that the strong, double white garden tulip Mount Tacoma, is nearly 100 years old. 97 years to be precise, however she is as old as she is trustworthy, and you can trust her to make your garden look wonderful.

Madame Lefeber tulp

And if you were to plant the fiery red Madam Lefeber in your garden, you will have a good reason to throw a party with many drinks and snacks next spring, as she will celebrate her 90th birthday. And because Madam Lefeber is such a stunningly beautiful Tulip, I will not blame you if that party lasts 3 days, what a Tulip, and a what a colour. And yes, I would love to come.

tulp queen of night

What about Queen of Night. You must be thinking; now that you mention it, that black tulip has been for sale my whole life. You are right indeed, 77 years old is the queen of the night and in all this time there has not been one black tulip that could dethrone her.

tulp Philippe de commines

The oldest Tulips we offer is Philippe de Comines, she is currently 130. But to be fair, she does kind of look the part, and she is starting to act old as well. We have tried to keep her alive with all the love in the world, and even though she has such a special colour, I am afraid that she might disappear from our nursery next year.

Isn’t it quite something, that old and so good looking.

Kind regards,

Carlos van der Veek