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Most of us think of these early blooming cheerful large yellow flowers when you talk about a Daffodils. When you do some research on the Daffodil you will soon find out that there are countless sorts, sizes, shapes and colours of this amazing flower bulb. The variation is truly wonderful. Almost impossible for a plant lover not to fall in love with one of the many models.

The little ones, that are also suitable for the rock garden, are the Daffodils I fancy the most. Petite as they are, they still have this proud and husky attitude you also recognize among the large Daffodils.

My love for the rock garden Daffodils is evident in our web shop. You will find over 30 different rock garden varieties under the button ‘Miniature Daffodils’. Here a few of my favorites:

Say Cheese

Daffodil Say CheeseThis little rascal knows how to steel everybody’s heart. On our nursery she manages, with her airy-fairy appearance, to make all of us fall in love with her. Great for perennializing in the border but also in pots and planters a fantastic Daffodil.


Daffodil ChappieThis delightful little Daffodil with her sanguine appearance ended up on our nursery as an immigrant from the United States. She is very welcome; we are so happy with her. She has the blood of the Spanish jonquilla Daffodil running through her veins, so she loves the sun and the heat. When you can supply het with that, she will award you with a superabundance of cheerful little flowers.


Daffodil RounditaThis Lilliputian Daffodil behaves like a big one; she tries to make just as many sound as a large trumpet Daffodil. Her perky flowers are peeping upwards with an air of ‘look at me being so beautiful’. Roundita is a perfect Daffodil for pots but also in the border she will sound great.


Daffodil TenuiorThis lovely little Daffodil is an offspring of a forbidden love affair. Yes, now comes the gossip; somewhere in the unstirred wilderness in between the Spanish mountains the species Narcissus jonquilla and the Narcissus poeticus had a brief but passionate extramarital affair. Out of this amorous fling a gorgeous daughter arose; Narcissus x tenuior. This floriferous and long-lasting little Daffodil is a gem in every garden.

Best regards,

Carlos van der Veek