I actually want to write about Dahlias, but I also have to do my best to sell the inventory of bulbs that we are packing for the Fluwel website.

As you can see, I'm in a split. What now, what to write about.
The Dahlias are blooming spectacular this year. This Mexican plant is enjoying this beautiful summer to the fullest. By the way, make sure that the Dahlias in your garden have enough to drink because we have already received a few emails from concerned customers who have the Dahlias pooping. The photo’s in their mails clearly showed that the cause was a lack of water. A Dahlia is a large plant, she drinks a lot.

But I have to sell bulbs, so I switch to the Tulips. What caught my attention was that the Cupido Tulip Mixture does not sell very well. That really surprises me a bit because Cupido is one of my favorites. She also managed to attract the attention of many visitors at the Fluwel show garden last spring. With great enthusiasm I have just written a beautiful text which in which I imagine you dancing The Waltz, on the melody of romance, in a bed of joyfully blooming Cupido.

A Tulip mixture that always positively surprises me is the Tutti Tulpi; 50 Tulips, 50 different varieties. Tutti Tulpi is a record breaker, always big fun. For us, the party starts with making this mixture. 50 kinds of Tulips in a row, the radio on eight and a half and all walking together. One of the nicest jobs of the year. a surprise for the people touched by the Cupido, there is also a Tutti Tulpi Romantico. I don't have to explain here that these are 50 different Tulips with only romantic colours.

Enough sales talk, I'm going to show you some Dahlias. One more thing about the Tulips, Daffodils, Allium etc. The time has come that people start ordering their bulbs, don't wait too long with your wish list. The yummy chocolates are always the first out of the box, as is the case with our range of flower bulbs. Before you know it, that one beautiful bulb you wanted to plant is sold out.

The Dahlias, they are really nice this year. Yesterday I was at the Dahlia show garden in Voorhout at the Tulperij, Oude Hereweg 16B, and I have never seen this garden so beautiful, what a festival of flowers. If you are a big Dahlia lover, go and have a look. If you are not a big Dahlia lover and you are going to have a look at it, keep in mind that you can just fall hopelessly in love with the Dahlia.

This garden is freely accessible to everyone. It is a kind of show window for all Dahlia growers where they show their product to both the commercial buyer and the consumer, including a terrace for a cup of coffee with something delicious.

Also interesting is the 'Holland Dahlia Event'. The same growers who exhibit their Dahlias at De Tulperij also have open days at their nursery every year. Consumers are also very welcome here.
This year the Holland Dahlia Event is from 7 to 9 September (2022). For more information:

Keukenhof Castle, another hidden gem in the Dahlia world. Beautiful garden, beautiful castle and lots and lots of Dahlias. Also well worth a peek. Here also free entrance and a nice restaurant.

But I'm also a bit on hot coals, there is still a lot to do in the warehouse. So I'll leave it with this, Hopefully more time next week.

Best regards,
Carlos van der Veek

Oh yes, the title of the Newsletter 'Pizza'. No idea why I did that.