It is a common misconception that flower bulbs have a short life span. Many gardeners think that a bulbs life is over once its flowers have faded. So they dig out the bulbs to compost or dispose of them. This is an unfortunate waste of the bulbs potential. There are many types of bulb that will continue to bloom for years to come. These types of bulb can be planted in a border as perennials. Exactly how bulbs perennialize is complex process which we will explain below. 

Bulb Flowers as Perennials

How do certain types of flower bulb grow as perennials? And perhaps more importantly – why do so few people know this? Flower bulbs are like little factories, with all the necessary materials inside them. After blooming, the bulb will let its flowers wither and begin preparing for next year’s blooming period. As you may know, a bulb consists of multiple layers. These fleshy segments are packed with nutrients so that the bulb can sustain itself and continue to bloom. This process may seem quite complex, but that’s what bulbs are designed to do. Digging up your bulbs after flowering means you will be wasting this potential. Leave your bulbs where they are and see what happens.

Now that you know more about flower bulbs, you can include them in your garden design in the most optimal way. Planting bulbs will give you so many different options. Bulb flowers can be planted as solitary perennials, as we have seen, or integrated into an existing border with other plants and flowers. Countless combinations of colours and shapes are possible – the only limit is your imagination! We also offer flower bulb mixtures with tried and true combinations. Or look around our website, where you we hope you will find inspiration for your garden

Buying Perennial Flower Bulbs Online

Exactly which flower bulbs are perennial is described in our web shop at Precisely why so many people believe that lower bulbs must be replaced each year is a mystery to us. We hope that by sharing this knowledge with our customers, that the bulbs we sell will enjoy a long life. Seeing our carefully grown bulbs dug up in the prime of their lives is almost unbearable and also a waste. Especially because some bulbs, daffodils for example, will grow ‘wild’ after a few years. This means daffodils will pop up in places you did not originally plant them.

You can buy various kinds of perennial flower bulbs here at, where we provide top notch customer service. This means that we offer extensive information in all types of bulb flowers, including planting tips. We also welcome any questions you might have. Our perennial bulbs are priced competitively, while we continue to guarantee the best quality. We ship our bulbs at the start of the planting season, so you will receive your order at just the right time.