Tulip information

Fluwel.com tells you everything about tulips. Information about the history of this bulb, helpful tips on planting tulip bulbs, special background information, even a day trip to our flower fields is possible with Fluwel. Bit above all, we can tell you everything there is to know about tulips. Offering tulip information is just as important to us as what we do in our online shop.

Tulips in the wild

Tulip bulbs can grow in the wild, but not as well in our European climate. The origin of the tulip lies in Central and Northern Asia. Winters are cold there, but summers are very hot. Between these two seasons there is only a short spring. The tulip is thus prepared for a fairly sudden transition from cold to heat and shall then flourish quickly. After summer is over, it's time to regain energy for the winter and the following spring.

In Europe , the climate for tulips is of course quite different. That’s why tulips do not thrive as well here as they do in their native soil: the plant will, if planted in the wild, not last long, though a tulip may stay with you for several years in the garden. By mimicking the conditions of nature where possible and helping the tulip here and there, we can still make this flower bloom in our garden and the flower fields successfully.

In practice, this means that tulips need you. For the best results, you should treat tulips as annual flowers. If you let them grow naturally, they will certainly come back, but not as full and convincing as in the first year.

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Planting tulips

If you want to know more about planting tulips, Fluwel is there to tell you everything, as you might expect. See our page Planting tulip bulbs. You can read all you need to know how tulips should be planted in your garden. You will read there that, in nature, tulips will dig themselves almost half a meter under the ground, which protects the bulb from the cold winter in their region of origin. For the best results in Europe, you should plant the tulip bulb less deep, about 15 cm underground.

Tulips are a kind of magic

Tulips are magical flowers that fascinate many people of all ages and all origins. They did so in the centuries before us, they still do. Tulips have become a part of human history. That is precisely why the tulip deserves a place in your garden. That’s how you will experience the magic of the tulips best!