When to plant tulips? Mother Nature gives you an answer to this question; when the leaves fall off the trees.

Many other flower bulbs can already be planted as soon as it is autumn. The tulip bulb, on the other hand, does not like to be planted if the temperature in the soil is still too high. When the leaves of the trees discolor and begin to fall off, the nights are cold and the temperature in the ground has fallen; time to plant tulip bulbs. You will understand that this will be sooner in the Scandinavian countries than in the warmer regions of, for example, France.

How to plant tulip bulbs

Plant the large tulip bulbs at a distance of approximately 10 cm apart. You can use your hand as an aid, the average width of a hand is just under 10 cm.

Distance tulip bulbs
Plant tulip bulbs
Plant tulip bulbs


You also maintain 10 cm as the planting depth. For the smaller miniature tulips, hold 5 cm to get a nice full flower tuft in the spring.

Create a playful effect

In a more natural garden it is also nice to plant the tulip bulbs in a more casual manner. You can do this by scattering the bulbs freehand and then planting them where they landed. This can give a very nice and playful effect in the spring.

Plant tulip bulbs in a pot

When planting tulip bulbs in a pot you must keep a few cm distance between the bulbs to get a nice full pot.

Plant tulip bulbs in pot
Tulip bulbs
tulips in pot


If you look closely, you will see that a tulip bulb has a convex and flatter side. A tip to get a nice pot of tulips is to plant the tulip bulbs with the flat side to the edge of the pot.

On the flat side, the tulip forms its outer and largest leaf. By planting the tulip bulbs in this way you get a nice pot with neatly all the large leaves that fall out.

Also make sure that you do not fill the pot to the brim with soil. Stay a few cm below the edge, this makes it so easy to water.

Please note that the tulip bulbs that you plant in a pot must also remain moist during the winter months. In cold winter weather with occasional frost a pot can otherwise dry out completely.

Buying tulip bulbs?

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