Spring starts as early as the autumn. Planting flower bulbs is a great thing to do, since you give yourself the chance to contribute to the start of spring in your own garden. Because many flower bulbs come out early, they often are the first sign of colour after the grey winter months. Planting flower bulbs is planting spring!

Planting flower bulbs need not to be complicated. Basically the same principles always apply:

  • do not plant the bulb too deeply in the ground (usually between 8 and 18 cm, 3 to 7 inches)
  • arrange for good natural conditions
  • be careful with manure and let the bulb do its work.

Of course there are extra things to keep in mind that differ by species and location.

Bloembollen planten

Flower bulbs by type

Bulbs come in many shapes and sizes. The best known flower bulb is, of course, the tulip. Planting tulips is about other things to keep in mind than planting daffodils or crocuses. Tulips for example prefer a dry, sandy soil. Daffodils need a little more moisture and must be planted firmly deep in the ground. Crocuses should be planted near the surface. Learn more about this on our page Planting Tips.

Planting flower bulbs in the garden

Most bulbs are planted in the garden. Make sure you have enough of them: bulbs look best if they are planted in a group, for example in circles around a tree or loose in a border. Many types of bulbs need sunlight, so keep that in mind as well when planting bulbs.

Because flower bulbs, like allium and crocuses, contain good food for bees, it is fun to create a good mix of bulbs in your garden, so that it can be the centre of local nature for a long time. Local governments plant flower bulbs for these reasons too, since bees could use a helping hand.

Bulb planting is something that is getting easier while you are doing it. With a little experience you can turn early spring into a wonderful play of colours, just in your own garden. Read more about flower bulbs on our site and order bulbs in our web shop!

Planting bulbs in pots

You can plant flower bulbs in pots as well. Basically the same conditions apply here as in the garden: plant the bulbs deep enough, make sure there is enough sunlight, add water or protect the bulbs from rain, depending on the type of flower.

Some species also thrive in your living room, such as amaryllis, an ideal bulb to be grown during the winter months: bring spring inside your home!