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Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?!

I’m not usually like this, but if you are a real Tulip enthusiast, I would like to advise you to order your Tulips as soon as possible, especially if you normally save this task until later in the season.

Tulip One Direction

I told you last week that the Tulips aren’t available in especially large numbers this year. Now that another week has passed, we are really being confronted with the harvest, and we can no longer ignore a noticeable decline in numbers.

Tulip Go Go Red

I can’t look into the future, but it would not surprise me if the good varieties are going to be sold out extremely fast this year. There are not that many growers who have the more special varieties, and this year’s weather has been extremely bad when it comes to providing an environment in which Tulips can actually grow. There are two Tulip varieties already sold out on our website, and it was extremely difficult to even get the low number that we had anticipated we would be able to get, so re-stockings will probably not be happening this season, either. The bulbs simply do not exist this year due to poor growth.

Tulip Kunyun

There are also dozens of rare varieties of which we have already had to change the stock to a lower number. The number of available Tulips is going to be way lower than we expected.

Tulip Backpacker

If you’re used to just getting whatever is available and you like all Tulips equally, as long as they’re in your garden, there will probably be some left if you wait out the summer—but I can’t emphasize enough that if you have a specific wish list, you should buy soon this year.

Tulip Beautytrend

Graceland and Peptalk are the varieties that are already gone, and I’m curious to see who is going to be next. I feel very aggressive writing this to you, and I do not like to tell people what to do, but I also really don’t want people emailing me saying ‘could you not have informed us about the bad harvest this year, I would have bought earlier!’

Tulip Hilde

I’ve been in the flower bulb world for a while now, and I have even heard a few people who have been here twice as long as me say that they’ve never had a harvest like this. I can’t remember any year like it, either. Climate change is affecting flowers, too.

Narcissus assoanus in Spain

But luckily the Daffodils seem to be doing alright. But, again, when it comes to the Daffodils we sell in our Candy Store, I have to tell you what to do yet again: Today, July 16, is the last day on which you can order from this part of the web site. I start cleaning and processing them tomorrow, so then I must know how many bulbs have been sold from each variety that will go through my hands in the upcoming weeks. Obviously, the Daffodils that are on the normal website, so not in the Candy Store, will remain available.

Narcissus poeticus physaloides

My son is coming to get me to go back to dig more bulbs, so I’m going to wrap it up. Hopefully I’ll have more to tell you next week!

Kind regards,

Carlos van der Veek