Freesia Fields Forever

I have no idea what to talk about this week, so I decided to take a little drive to check out the Narcissus at my neighbor's place. It's a nice little outing, and I still have the whole evening to write the newsletter. Oh, there's Hoogland working; let's see what they're up to.

Something smells, I should have known. We could smell it when we were out on the fields; the onion campaign has started. Allium cepa, also a bulbous plant; not so different from the Alliums in the Fluwel webshop. The onions we eat daily can also bloom beautifully. Try planting one in your garden this spring and you’ll see.

These are planting onions, grown in large quantities from seed on sandy soils, to then travel all over the world and be grown on-site into delightful onions for food.

Now, let's take a look at our Narcissus at Jan Hein's nursery. They were dug up this week, and I haven't had a good look at them yet. They look quite different from the Tulips; they simply look great. Each bulb is plump and shiny. A whole different story from the Tulips, where many growers faced significant decreases in yield this year. The Tulip, despite being a real princess, always finds something to complain about in the field; too dry, too warm, too wet, hungry, thirsty, cold feet—you know the drill. It's not entirely fair to generalize all Tulips, some are indeed strong, but even the most seasoned gardener, with loving care and tender cuddles, finds it challenging to keep the Tulip alive for several years. But... these princesses are incredibly beautiful to behold.

On the other hand, the Narcissus, oh, the Narcissus thrives, gives, blooms, grows, and mesmerizes. Year after year, she brings joy to the garden. No matter where you plant her, the Narcissus is content. Now, that's a flower bulb!

In the coming weeks, Karel and I will happily tinker around among these ordinary yet extraordinary flower bulbs.

Let me share a few of my favorite Narcissus:

Say Cheese

Whether in a pot, the border, grass, or the roadside, Say Cheese never fails to delight people with her charming blooms.


Another steadfast gem in the world of Narcissus. Plant her, and Jetfire will treat you to years of delightful views.

Hello Sunshine

Her name says it all; you can expect nothing less than sunshine from Hello Sunshine. No need to add anything else.

Tangerine Beauty

This radiant beauty is a true standout on the menu. Unlike any other Narcissus, a colorful mischief-maker, an absolutely fantastic beauty.

Just so you know, I’m scribbling all this nonsense at the edge of a dazzling field of freesias. Pretty cool, right?

As I took a peek at the neighbors, I found myself in front of this breathtaking field, and it's so captivating that I couldn't resist waiting for the moment when the sun dips into the sea, peeking out from beneath the blanket of clouds. It has all the makings of a delightful scene, but I know it'll take a little while longer. No worries, I've pulled out my trusty notebook, and I’m writing. It's already quarter past nine, but I'll remain patient, eagerly waiting for the sun to reveal herself.

Another Narcissus then:


I couldn't possibly imagine a happier Narcissus than Spinner. It’s big, floppy and always cheerful. A real tough, no-nonsense daffodil with robust flowers that radiate pure joy.

It's already past half-past nine, and it's getting late. I still need to type up everything and send it out; as usual, I started way too late, and I had no idea what to blog about. By the way, it's now absolutely quiet among the Freesias, and you can hear the waves. I'm standing just behind Callantsoog, Uitlandseweg, a mere kilometer from the sea. Where is that sun hiding? Let me show you again another Narcissus. No, there comes the sun!

Isn't it beautiful? Freesia Fields Forever.

Bella Ciao

Carlos van der Veek

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