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Ever since I have started to get to know the American Begonia I have started to question whether the Dahlia really is the flower that, per tuber, has the most flowers.

Like Dahlia’s, these new Begonias, also known as the Ameri-hybrids, carry new flowers all through the summer and into autumn. It really is hard to believe just how many flowers such a small tuber is able to create.

The Ameri-hybrid has also managed to pleasantly surprise me when it comes to reliability: she is easy enough to breed. Of the literally dozens of tubers I have planted in the garden and in flower pots, not one has disappointed me. They all keep on blooming, from June all the way into September.

The Begonia starts out slowly, in June she starts to flower but at that point the plant is still small. As the plant gets bigger, somewhere in July and August, she really gets going. At that point it becomes hard to believe just how many large and colourful flowers appear out of the American Begonia.

It’s almost as if the plant itself is trying to hide underneath a blanket of flowers.

I wholeheartedly recommend you try the Begonia. Get ready to be surprised by her Flower Power!

This time of year is also the perfect time to plant other summer-blooming flower bulbs. With Dahlias, make sure you are not taken by surprise by some late night frost. Young parts of the Dahlia are sensitive to frost and with really low temperatures even the tuber itself could be damaged.

On our website we also have information about how best to grow your Dahlias.

Kind regards,

Carlos van der Veek