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In our Fluwel web shop it is quite obvious that quarantaining has people going out to work in their garden. Not everyone is making a puzzle, playing cards or redecorating their home: gardening is also an option.

I really do hope gardening becomes a more popular hobby after this period: it is so much fun, and super healthy!

But gardening is looking ahead. If you want to have a beautiful summer garden, the time for action is now. Dahlia tubers are showing us that they know it is Spring: little sprouts have started to appear. They are also very popular, so do not wait much longer.



But there is more to be found in our assortment of flower bulbs, and it is all worth having a look at. We have really nice, big Eucomis bulbs from Mr Langedijk from Zwaagdijk.

He did offer to take back any bulbs we did not sell so he could use the flowers, but of course we would much rather see them in someone’s garden or flower pot.

Then we have the Zantedeschia tubers. They are also just amazing. Good quality and the largest size: each tuber gives you at least 10 graceful Zantedeschia flowers. These are the same tubers the flower pot growers use to supply exclusive flower shops.

Make sure to try them at least once: I am absolutely sure that you will enjoy them a lot.

Kind regards,
Carlos van der Veek