Yellow Parrot

Narcissus Yellow Parrot

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Yellow Parrot

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 Bulb size
12 cm
 Light requirement
Sunny, Half shade
 Plant height
10 - 20 cm
 Planting depth
5 - 10 cm
 Pot plant

For a flower bulb man like me, this name honestly seems a little odd. The term Parrot is usually linked to Tulips with parrot flowers. But if you take a closer look to the elegant flowers of this little Daffodil, Yellow Parrot does seem to fit it. She fumbles, she flutters, she flits and flaps, she is simply cute and playful. Yellow Parrot is an extraordinary Daffodil, because until now, the slit-crowned flower shape was only seen in the larger Daffodils. To be precise, she is the first miniature Daffodil to exhibit this flower shape. Maybe the Daffodil Wodka looks a bit like her, but she is slightly bigger. And I have heard that in America there is a so called Itsy Bitsy Splitsy which looks just like her, but up to now, I have only seen pictures of her, and in my opinion, Yellow Parrot is way more elegant. Originally, Yellow Parrot comes from our own breeding, so I am very glad that she fell into the caring hands of a passionate grower in Breezand, who raised her with a lot of love.

Yellow Parrot is a unique Daffodil; richly flowering, perfect in pots, but in the garden as well. She is a cool looking and brave little Daffodil. Actually, she is a lot like a slit-crowned version of Tete a Tete, however she does flower a few weeks later than Tete a Tete, and with considerably more flowers.