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Wintertime … time for the Amaryllis.

They are available again in the Fluwel web shop. No less than 80 different varieties and among them some exciting new ones.

Amaryllis Lemon Cream
Amaryllis Lemon Cream

The most spectacular newcomer is the Lemon Cream.

An Amaryllis with a natural touch that also has the skill to be dignified and magnificent. As if kissed by the angels, so beautiful, unique in color and for the first time available.

Amaryllis Amadeus Flamed
Amaryllis Amadeus Flamed

Another striking debutant is the Amadeus Flamed, an Amaryllis that stood head and shoulders above the rest of the new varieties last winter in my trial planting. Vigorous flowers with strong color on a large, sturdy plant.

A behind-the-diker would say; 'what a monstrous, you can knock a farmer off his horse with it' Well, that's what those West Frisian people behind-the-dike have, those unvarnished statements that make you frown, but of which you immediately know what they mean.

Amaryllis Candy Nymph
Amaryllis Candy Nymph​

Another such blocky robust Amaryllis is the Candy Nymph. You must like pink because there is no arguing about its color, it is pink. This, combined with her huge large flowers, makes her even more pink than the most pinky pink.

Amaryllis Mandela
Amaryllis Mandela

But of course, I'm not going to list all the Amaryllis that are in the Fluwel shop window, just take a look in our store.

One piece of advice, if you are a real Amaryllis lover, do not to wait too long. The past has taught us that some varieties can sell out quickly. 'Then why don't you have any more in stock?' you might ask, well, that's usually not possible. We always want to be the first to list a good new Amaryllis that comes on the market and often numbers are limited.

If you are too late and one of the varieties that you would like to have is already sold out, set back the clock one hour for one more time and then try again, you never know, it might work.

And, I must also point out that there are also other bulbs in the store that are waiting for a destination in a beautiful garden.

The leaves are falling from the trees and that is Mother Nature's sign that it is time to plant the spring flowering bulbs.

Have fun shopping in our web shop and make it a beautiful day.

Best regards,

Carlos van der Veek