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It is always a moment of I look forward to: finding out which Amaryllis is going to be that year’s bestselller. You probably know the drill by now: when you hear Last Christmas on the radio, the Amaryllis Top 10 is close as well. Let the count down begin!

Number 10: “Apple Blossom”​

Amaryllis Apple Blossom

I don’t know how we can ever leave this golden oldie out of the Top 10. She entered the market in 1954 and has always been on top. Understandable:Apple Blossom is not just pretty, she is a safe choice as well, especially s a gift. She always does what she is supposed to do and she does it well, it is nearly impossible to f… well, you know what I mean. Anyway. Her years and years of dominating the list are well deserved.

Number 9: “Moscow”​

Amaryllis Moscow

Moscow only wants one thing, which is to bloom, and make the people of her house happy. Her position in the list is well deserved as well: she has out done some really strong opponents like Matterhorn and the lovely Antarctica. But her crisp shade of white has made her the winner of the white Amaryllises!

Number 8: “papilio”​

Amaryllis papilio

In Brazil, where the Hippeastrum papilio is originally from, this beautiful flower is supposed to be an endangered plant. Nothing of the sort is noticeable with the Dutch Amaryllis growers: they love the exotic flower and sell thousands of them in countries all over the world. She is definitely worth the trouble: this beautiful Amaryllis will keep surprising you in the best ways!

Number 7: “Double King”​

Amaryllis Double King

This Amaryllis has got a story that has nothing to do with her position in our list, but I’ll tell it to you anyway: an American customer has once told me that a somewhat prudish colleague of his has once tried to label this Amaryllis as a ‘Porn Flower.” It only took one year, this guy got so many teasing remarks from his colleagues that he quit the nickname soon after: it seems that sometimes, too much actually exists. Of course sex sells, but well, to compare an Amaryllis to parts of the female anatomy… that was a bridge too far for many people, especially when it comes to a Holiday season gift. Anyway, what I wanted to say: there is a lot to tell about Double King, but it sure is a pretty flower, and has well deserved her place in the list.

Number 6: “Candy Nymph”​

Amaryllis Candy Nymph

Fantastic, this Amaryllis was new and flew right into our best sellers. She was nowhere to be found last year, when she was not even for sale yet, and now everyone seems to want her. Based solely on the photos of her as well: nearly no one has seen her in real life yet. But I truly believe that she will bring delight to everyone who has ordered her.

Number 5: “Chico”​

Amaryllis Chico

Luckily, there are still European customers, because I have to say that Americans will always think that ‘bigger is better’ when it comes to flowers. But Chico is about charm and prettiness, and she does very well in Europe, thank god. Her flowers are very modest, but they are incredibly beautiful. Thank you to everyone who has chosen my personal favourite!

Number 4: “Candy Queen”​

Amaryllis Candy Queen

This sugary sweet Amaryllis owes her high place on the list to the fact that she is a classic addition to many Christmas packages that bosses gift their employees over the Holidays. If this makes you realize that you, too, could give your employees an Amaryllis, please contact Renata, she is in charge of the larger orders. It gives you something to talk about when you return to work in January: you din’t have to say anything about your family or your Christmas meal, but you can talk about how well your Amaryllis did!

Number 3: “Picotee” ​

Amaryllis Picotee

Who hasn’t met Picotee yet? She is as old as our for sale-Amaryllises seem to get (1958), but she has a beauty and charm that no one has surpassed yet. She is not a one hit wonder either: a popular choice every year, and for good reason.

Number 2: “Dancing Queen”​

Amaryllis Dancing Queen

I can’t imagine a world in which this huggable Amaryllis isn’t in the Top 10. But then again: somewhat similar Amaryllises are also available, so what makesDancing Queen stand out so much? I think it is because she is so trustworthy, which makes it clear to me that my customers know what they are ordering: this is simply a very good choice.

Number 1: “Magical Touch”

Amaryllis Magical Touch

Magical Touch is insanely famous with Amaryllis lovers all over the world. She has not been on the market for that long, but she has dominated it since she entered. It is not just her beauty that got her here, either: this Amaryllis also always does what she is supposed to do. I think I have never had a Magical Touch in my house that did not get a third stem after the first two. She can really liven up your living room for weeks on end!

Onder de Amaryllis liefhebbers een wereldwijde hit. Het is nog niet eens zo heel lang geleden dat de werd geïntroduceerd, maar het begint er nu al op te lijken dat ze een begrip aan het worden is.

Kind regards,

Carlos van der Veek