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The busy times are almost over. The daffodils have been counted and are ready to be sent and the bulbs that are going to be re-planted this season have been prepped for that as well, and are now ready to go back in the ground.

It’s time to think about what to plant in the garden this season. I am nowhere near a professional gardener myself, there are no beautiful borders with perennials and flower bulbs to be found anywhere near my house.

But when it comes to flower bulbs I am a true enthusiast. I am always looking for new varieties or new kinds of mixtures. Usually I pick flower bulbs I have seen in the field of a colleague grower to see how they do in the garden, as that can be completely different from how they look in the field.

Daffodils and Anemone blanda

Ipheion and Muscari

I will definitely try the combination of the daffodil Roundita or Tete a Tete or Say Cheese and the Anemone blanda Blue Shades. Last year, this was invented by Eric Breed and planted at the Keukenhof in the Fluwel stand, but of course no one ever got to see it there. The Keukenhof remained closed, but they allowed Eric in to take photos. I never saw it in person either, but I do love the way it looks in the pictures.

I’ll try the same thing with daffodil Mary Poppins and Scilla siberica Alba, I feel like that might be a good combination as well. Another thing I definitely want to try is a combination I have seen at the nursery of Linda and Mark de Goede last year: Ipheion Alberto Castillo and Muscari Baby’s Breath.

All in all, I am still figuring out what is going to go where in my garden. I want to try a lot of new things and I hope I am going to think of some beautiful new things other gardeners can use in the future.

I encourage you to take a look at our web shop and I hope you will get all the inspiration you need to make your garden the most beautiful it’s ever been.

Kind regards,

Carlos van der Veek