Sometimes you’re struggling to get a single word onto paper, other times your head is full of stories but you cannot find the time to write them down.

So this morning I got out of my bed at 5am because the newsletter was actually supposed to be finished yesterday. Right now it is already 7:15 and still, there is no newsletter. I chose to answer some e-mails I got from customers that ask all sorts of things about bulbs that they have bought or want to order. Many questions about the soil type, so I will answer them here as well, with hope that no one ever asks me something soil-related again. Wait, this sounds a little like I do not enjoy answering your questions but that is not true at all; I really like providing garden enthusiasts with some good advice. But, I must admit that sometimes I think by myself ‘what a foolish question, how should I know that’ , but then again that is also sort of nice. And this sometimes happens when it comes to the soil type. It is rather difficult to answer a question of Aunt Agaath from Oeteldonk from behind my computer when she wants to know if the Zantedeschia she purchased will flourish in her garden which has somewhat greasy soil. (Because of privacy name and place have been changed, yes I’m sorry, but we simply have to because otherwise everyone will show up at her place to help the sweet lady.)

Zantedeschia Brunello

I can imagine that when planting doubt can arise. Am I doing this the right way, are they deep enough, isn’t there too much shadow over here, is it too wet or too dry, should I fertilize the Zantedeschia myself? Believe it or not, but even I have those question sometimes when planting flower bulbs or plants. can I do better?

Lilium Chocolate Event

I will always give the aunt Agaath the same answer, or actually two. Firstly, a somewhat corny but still very true one; you cannot make mistakes when you do nothing. Secondly, when all the other plants in your garden are looking good and growing well, you do not have to worry. The flower bulb always has a decent supply of food stored in its bulb and therefore will, in the first year until after flowering, do pretty well. When you plant the flower bulb underneath a big oak tree where even weed won’t grow, well then the Lily or the Daffodil will slowly languish in the second year. But if your lawn looks good, and your other plants are thriving as well, you do not have to worry too much. They will do good as well.

Gladiolus callianthus Murielae

Gardening is a hobby that you will only learn through time. Making mistakes is a part of it. It is really true, when you do nothing you won’t make mistakes, but when you start gardening some things can go wrong from time to time.

Dahlia Totally Tangerine (Thank you Caroline, for this beautiful photo)

But I will go outside again, because as you can see on the first photo, the flowers are waiting for me. Yesterday I had company all afternoon, that’s why I did not find the time to work on the newsletter then. First, an airplane pilot that hybridizes Daffodils in his spare time came by. A true enthusiast with whom you will never be done talking about Daffodils.

Daffodils zaailing Tazetta #66

Then after, a retired Daffodil hybridizer came by with whom I am breeding his last Daffodil seedlings and am trying to get them on the market. He has very special Daffodils, Tazetta Daffodils, multi-flowering and wonderfully smelling. It has been very nice helping him multiply his stock.

One of the Fluwel Crocus seedlings

All in all, the beautiful flower bulb time has finally arrived. Enjoy it. Scroll through our web shop. Maybe there is something nice for you. Now I will go outside now and enjoy the flowers.

With kind regards,

Carlos van der Veek

PS: I still need to thank you for the overwhelming interest for our flower bulbs last week. So many orders, it is amazing.