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A bunch of Daffodils on the table

When you are a Daffodil enthusiast that cannot bring up the patience to wait for the Daffodil to flower, you might consider travelling to Cornwall mid-March. Because in Cornwall, spring always seems to arrive a little bit sooner.

Daffodil picking

And Cornwall always treats her visitors to a lot of Daffodils in spring. A lot of Daffodils are being bred here, actually a lot more than in the Netherlands, and they are all there for picking. You will not find a lot of flowering Daffodils there, because they are picked until the last flower is gone, all so they can end up in a vase at some British household. But wherever you are in Cornwall, somewhere there are Daffodils flowering along the roadside or in gardens.

Daffodil Von Sion

So, as you might understand, you can find me enjoying the Daffodils in Cornwall mid-March every year. My first stop always is the Rosemoor Garden flower show in Devon, after which I will drive quickly to Cornwall.

Bunches of Daffodils

Daffodil Sissy

And where there are Daffodils, there are Daffodil enthusiasts. This is the nursery of Adrian Scamp, a Daffodil hybridizer with whom I often exchange Daffodils. For the English readers of the newsletter, this is his web shop: https://qualitydaffodils.com/

So, every spring I try to visit the beautiful Cornwall, but of course I
still need to try to sell you some of my bulbs.

Lilium Viva la Vida

Wednesday March 23th will be the last day that the Lilies are available in our web shop. Most of them already found a new home, as they were very popular – thank you for that. But the weather is getting warmer, and it is time that the last Lilies are being planted. So if there still are Lilies that have your interest, now is the time. The Lilies that remain after Wednesday will be planted into pots and can be seen at Land van Fluwel in summer.

Zantedeschia Red Charm

The other summer flowering bulbous plants such as the Dahlia, the Zantedeschia, the Nerine and such will still be available after Monday.

Now I will go back outside again; the sun is shining and all sorts of things are starting to flower. Time to enjoy the season.

With kind regards,

Carlos van der Veek

One of my Crocus seedlings; F 55

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