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In love with bulbs since I can ever remember

It was a gloomy day back in November 1993, when I had my first contact with the amazing world of the flower bulbs. Together with my mom, I planted a tulip, I was 6 years old. Today, 30 years later, my world of flower bulbs has expanded to levels I could never even imagined before: from miniatures to giants, from regular to most rare bulbs and from white to black and all the possible colors and shades. I think I have grown many genera and the world of flower bulbs still continues to impress me, everyday. It’s like a never ending story, a forever love that grows stronger by day.

Enough about the past, I would like to introduce myself and tell you why I wrote today’s story for you. Hello, my name is Vlad and I joined our amazing Fluwel team earlier this year. I have known Carlos and Fluwel for many years, visited the warehouse a couple of times and finally, in the summer of 2023, I joined the team. To be frank, I think this is one of my biggest dreams that came true, simply because even though I really loved my tech jobs in the last 7+ years, my heart has always stayed with plants and now, my work is part of both worlds, which I am very very grateful for.

Carlos and I enjoying a Japanese Sake in one of my favorite restaurants in Berlin

On this note, I would like to tell you a little about some of my favorites that I have planted in my garden, here in Berlin, Germany. First and foremost, I simply love this blend of tulips and crocuses “The First & Flower Record”. The reason I have chosen this mix is that you can really plant it as a border, spread throughout your mown for naturalization or simply pop them in your front garden. The deep purple of this crocus goes hand in hand with this short cream & red tulip and they both bloom at the same time: usually from the 2nd week of March.

The blend “The First & Flower Record”

Of course, if you want just tulips, I can really recommend you to get our Tulipa clusiana mix, because it  grows problem free in any soil and in any sun exposure. This type of tulips are literally the easiest to have in your garden or balcony/ terrace. The best part about them is that the warm colors of their flowers can really brighten your mood on those grayish spring days. Clusiana hybrids bloom usually from April onwards.

This T. clusiana mix will grow in any garden!

If you like daffodils instead, I can really recommend ‘Fragrant Spring’, one of the most beautiful double daffodils we offer. The best part about it? Is sweetly flagrant, something fresh, just like spring. Moreover, its flower stems are quite sturdy and they will still look up to the sky even after most windy days or nights.

Beautiful and bold, Narcissus ‘Fragrant Spring’

If you prefer something smaller and more delicate, go for the daffodil called ‘Besame Mucho’, which means in Spanish “kiss me a lot” and truly, it looks like it wants to kiss you all over your face. This beauty is also problem free, will grow in most soils and will stay healthy over the years in your garden. Plus, it is really dainty and its shape?! It’s everything!

The very cute daffodil ‘Besame Mucho’

Now, if you want something more exotic, let’s say with a Mediterranean flair, we have got you covered, too. Amongst our many alliums (decorative onions), I really love ‘Purple Rain’, which is very majestic and a little bit mysterious. Its very thin petals and very big inflorescence will charm anyone looking at your garden. The best bonus? It lasts forever in a vase and it grows problem free, even in a pot on your balcony (for 5 bulbs, please choose at least a 5l pot, best 10l).

The superb ‘Purple Rain’ allium

For those who love white flowers or are looking for something really low growing, let’s say up to 15 cm, I can really recommend this garden jewel ‘Scilla siberica Alba’, which is the white form of the regular Siberian squill. Again, this little plant grows problem free in any garden or in pots, it will naturalize easily and can even be used as a ground cover.

Little, but so worth it ‘Scilla siberica Alba’

And in case you look for something extraordinary, I think you should get Hyacinth ‘Yellowstone’, which is a very old variety, an heirloom. This special hyacinth is really as yellow as a daffodil, not cream, not apricot, but yellow. Such a warm color can be really eye-catching in front of any house wall, in a terracotta pot on your front porch or just in a vase, inside your house.

One of the best shades of yellow, Hyacinth ‘Yellowstone’

There are sooooo many other flower bulbs I would really love to recommend to you, that I don’t even know where to stop. I think we can do various things with flower bulbs, be it in our garden, on our balcony or why not, inside the house. And you know why? Simply because flower bulbs are so easy to grow and they always surprise us when we expect the least. This was it everyone, it was such a joy to write this newsletter for you and I hope I help you find some inspiration for your next spring, in 2024. While we are super busy in the warehouse, packing the orders for you, you can go on www.fluwel.com and check out our spring bulbs assortment, which you can order until mid December this year.
Thank you for listening and I am looking forward to writing another story for you soon.

C’est fini mon amis,

P.s. I almost forgot, I really… and I really mean it, I love this tulip called ‘Apricot Fox’. The reason for it: it is really one of the nieces' pastel color combos of pink, cream and apricot, like a basket of fresh fruit.

The nieces pastels of ‘Apricot Fox’ tulip