Our Flower Bulb Blends

The mixes and combinations are not the best-selling flower bulbs in the Fluwel webshop, and that surprises me a little, but on the other hand, it doesn't really surprise me either. It doesn't surprise me because I think many of our customers are experienced gardeners who already have some gardening and flower bulb knowledge and know exactly where to get high-quality flower bulbs. They are not swayed by supermarket-style offers like free shipping and other free temptations or buy one, get one free. The majority of our customers have their feet firmly in the mud, they know that nothing comes for free, and if you do go for it, you always have to consider that it comes at the expense of quality or service.

Tulip mixture 'Pinotage.' You don't need to be a wine lover to appreciate this nostalgically looking Tulip mixture. Composed of modern Tulips that evoke the atmosphere of yesteryears.

No, I believe that many of our loyal customers are no-nonsense people who, perhaps through trial and error, have learned that you get what you pay for and that Fluwel's flower bulbs are an honest product at a fair price. These more experienced gardeners probably do look at our Fluwel mixes and combinations, but I think they do so mainly for inspiration, and then they choose to create their own combinations from our extensive range that they personally find beautiful. That's absolutely great, always plant what you find beautiful in your garden. However, on the other hand, I also think that many gardeners may not always get the most out of our Tulip mixes and combinations.

Tulip mixture 'Cool Out.' The observant viewer can see that this mixture consists of two other beautiful Fluwel Tulip mixtures. The lower layer of flowers is the 'Pink Cloud' mixture, and the black and white above is the 'Black Tie.' When planted separately, they create two entirely different atmospheres, but when combined, they create a planting that truly brings the spring feeling to the garden.

Mixtures are often planted close together, as shown in the photos on our website, so that in the spring, only a few intensely colored square meters emerge. If you have a small bed where this fits well, that's fine, of course. However, personally, I believe that the real charm of our mixtures lies in the atmosphere you can create with them. Scatter the 100 bulbs from our mixtures loosely throughout a large part of the garden and plant them where they fall. This will look very different from planting them close together in a small area. I know, I'm guilty of it myself because I only show you photos where they are almost placed close together, but in my opinion, that's not the most beautiful way. You will see that if you plant them generously throughout the garden or border, your entire garden comes to life in spring, rather than just a small section blooming while the rest of the garden is still waking up from its winter slumber.

Tulip mixture 'Glow Motion.' In slow motion, Glow Motion transitions from soft pastel tones to vibrant, spirited colors. During its bloom, it slowly warms up to set your garden on fire.

Trying out a few of our mixtures or combinations can also inspire you to look at tulips with a different perspective. It's almost certain that if you've seen an engaging, blooming mixture in your garden, you'll start considering whether there's something else fun to combine with the many varieties available in our webshop. Tastes vary, and perhaps you'd like to combine white and yellow tulips. I would immediately recommend adding a third color, but here we go again, that's precisely what you shouldn't do. The beauty of gardening is to try something you think is enjoyable. It's a learning process, but when you start planting and exploring mixtures, you'll look at the numerous varieties we offer next year with a completely different perspective. Just give it a try; it's a lot of fun and educational.

Tulip mixture 'Cupido.' A bunch of white tulips remains just a bunch of white tulips, and the same goes for red; it's just red. Beautiful, no doubt, but such a bunch of white or red tulips almost always needs the support of another color in its surroundings to truly stand out. However, if you mix two like-minded red and white tulips together, you won't believe your eyes. When Cupid's arrows strike, her beauty captures your heart. It's something to fall in love with.

Tulip mixture 'Big Ups.' A truly no-nonsense Tulip mixture consisting of robust and sturdy Tulips that do exactly what they're meant to do: instantly transform your garden into a Tulip paradise. It's a blend of 8 different Darwin hybrid Tulips that are among the first to bloom during the Tulip season. These Tulips are known for their large, beautifully shaped flowers that always bloom astonishingly long.

Tulip mixture 'Tutti Tulpi.' I can't leave her unmentioned, our most popular Tulip mixture. This one sells like hotcakes; everyone wants to see it. It's actually quite unique as well - every tulip in the bag of 50 Tulip bulbs is a different variety. Truly a medley of all the beauty that the Tulip has to offer. Give these Tutti Tulips a nice spot in your garden, and in return, Tutti Tulpi will fill your garden with joyous sights. For the more romantic gardeners, there's also Tutti Tulpi Romantico.

Tulip mixture 'Family Reunion.' The flowers of these cheerful Tulips may not be as large as those of, for example, 'Big Ups' or 'Glow Motion,' but they stand together in a big bunch on a stem. Truly beautiful, each stem produces four, five, sometimes more flowers, and often, from the leaf axils of these Tulips, another stem with a flower peeks out. This mixture, with its festive character, is fantastic to plant generously throughout the garden.



Hopefully, I've given you some fun ideas. It's time to stop.

Best regards,

Carlos van der Veek

Tulipa clusiana mixture. Also nice, a blend of small tulips. If these tulips feel at home in your garden, they can even naturalize well.