Go crazy!

There’s no time like the present to let go a little. Have you ever considered gifting someone a Ferrari, for example?

Amaryllis Ferrari

Nah, this is just a silly joke. You can’t just text your favorite son-in-law “Hey man, I bought you a Ferrari for Christmas, it should be delivered to you somewhere this week.” That’s bound to be at least a little hard on him, don’t you think?

But the idea is as good as any: you can always use flowers to send someone a nice message, as well.

Tulipa Hugs and Kisses
A dear friend should definitely appreciate you sending them Hugs and Kisses, just to name something. Everyone should be sent these tulips, if you ask me. So take it upon yourself to be the one to send out these good vibes!

Narcissus A Million Kisses

If you’re thinking: nice, Hugs and Kisses, but maybe not quite enough for what I want to say, then there is always the Daffodil A Million Kisses. Sending these to someone should absolutely get the message across!

Narcissus Hello Sunshine

Then there is always the option that all that kissing is not quite the energy you were going for. In situations like that, there is always Narcissus Hello Sunshine. Hopefully, this one will help you send some positive vibes to the one you are thinking of!

Tulipa Wedding Gift

Who knows, maybe you have someone in your circle who is going to have a Winter Wedding this season. And do you know the best thing about a gift like this? It’s kind of like giving someone a present twice: once when you send them the flower bulbs, and then again in an even better way when they start flowering! It’ll be even better then, as then they get to enjoy their new garden. If this helps them spend more time outside in nature, then you can really count yourself a winner. You might even get an invitation to look at them this Spring, or, even better, receive Hugs and Kisses in return!

Narcissus Loving Her

The list of flowers that send a message just keeps on going. And it’s not just in the name of the varieties: you can also tell people that you’ll help them plant their new flowers. Such a good way to spend time with a friend, as you’re able to be outside for a bit and then have a cup of coffee to warm yourself back up.

Narcissus Life is Good

We all know those people, usually older people, who love or used to love gardening but are having a hard time being able to physically keep up with it. You’re probably thinking of someone as you are reading this, right? Maybe this is your sign to order those elderly family members or friends flowers and spend some quality time together. There is no time like the present to realise that Life is Good!

Fluwel Tulip Mixture Family Reunion

And of course we all have that great-aunt or -uncle who we are thinking of occasionally, only to feel guilty that really, you should visit them soon, or maybe just give them a call... you can also just buy them flowers just to have an excuse to spend some time together. Flowers are a universal treat, there is no one you could possibly offend by buying them something nice for their garden.

See this newsletter as your sign to give that neighbor or that family member a phone call, meet up with them, and enjoy time together. Spending time with others is what makes life fun!

Kind regards,
Carlos van der Veek