Ann Cousins
Ann Cousins

Ann Cousins

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Ann Cousins

Belkmerweg 20

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Belkmerweg 20
1754 GB Burgerbrug

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I am always a bit afraid that people will damage their screens when I show a flower with a fly on it. Insects just adore flowers, and not just Peonies. My way of photographing flowers is mainly close-ups, and when looking at the photos afterwards I am sometimes surprised by the number of insects on the flower. But I should tell you something about Ann Cousins. Her color is often described as snow-white, but do not expect too much from this. Maybe as a ripe flower in bright sunlight, but when you want to see real snow-white, perhaps you should go with the Peony Allan Rogers. Ann Cousins is a warmer white, sometimes a bit creamy, and her flowers are big and tough, and long-lasting too. As a cut flower she is a rockstar. As a mature plant in full bloom she may need a little help to prevent her from falling.

 Light requirement
Sunny, Half shade
 Plant height
80 - 100 cm
 Plant cutting
 Fragrance level

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