Are you looking for a spring flower that has is all? Easy to care for, yet resilient enough the flower again each spring? Then look no further, because we have just the flower you’re looking for: the crocus.

Fluwel is a bulb flower specialist with years of experience and a commitment to quality. We offer a large selection of different flower bulbs, including a wide range of crocuses. So if you are looking to buy crocus bulbs, you are in the right place. Of course we love all the flowers in our collection, but crocuses are definitely something of a favourite. 

Taking Care of Crocuses

Crocuses actually grow from tubers and not bulbs. Crocus tubers should be planted in the autumn, so that they can bloom as early in spring as possible. You can plant crocuses in a flower bed, but they can also be planted in the grass. As crocuses are low growing, they will not overshadow your other plants and flowers. Crocuses can also be planted in shadowy spots, for example beneath a tree or shrub. This means they can brighten up an area of your garden other flowers cannot.

However, they do require well-drained soil, as they do not tolerate wet feet. Otherwise crocuses do not need any extra attention, they will take care of themselves. If they feel truly at home in your garden, they might even multiply and spread. Should this be an issue, you will need to dig up the newly grown bulbs.