A Dutch saying tells us that there are workhorses and show horses. This week I want to write about the workhorses among the flower bulbs, The Daffodils. Hardly possible for me to talk about something else than Daffodils because they are about the only bulbs I saw last month.

Please do not read me following words as critic but I just do not understand why Daffodils are not planted more often by the Western European gardeners.

I hear you think now, there is Carlos again with his Daffodils, isn’t he a little bit too much in love with Daffodil. Yes, I am, no problem to admit that but I really think the Daffodil is one of the most reliable bulbs.

Plant her on a spot in the garden where she has half a day of direct sunlight and you can enjoy her for many years, sometimes even decades. My experience is that many Daffodil last longer than many of those plants that we call perennials.

Narcissus Orange Juice
Narcissus Orange Juice with her unique colour

These is so much to pick from, it is far from ‘just yellow’. White, pink, orange, beige, and al shades of salmon in all kinds of colour combinations. I even saw one a blue Daffodil, beautiful heavenly blue. But these I cannot offer you; I saw them in my dreams.

Narcissus Brooke Ager
Narcissus Brooke Ager

Among the over 100 varieties we are offering this year in the Fluwel web shop are 29 new introductions. They certainly worth checking out because the majority of them has never been in the trade before.

Narcissen Mengsel
The Fluwel Daffodil Mixture planted by the neighbor, every week she picks a big bunch of fresh flowers from this planting

When you are not so familiar with the Daffodil yet you might try a bag of out Fluwel Daffodil mixture. It contains 100 bulbs that originally all come from our vast collection of over 1000 different varieties.

For sure that you will find all shaped and colour that the world of Daffodils has to offer. But these all are standard, normal size Daffodils, the jonquils and smaller ones are not in the mixture.

Narcissus Sizzling Fire
Narcissus Sizzling Fire

I sincerely hope you will fall in love with the Daffodil as well when you browse our shop.

Best regards,

Carlos van der Veek