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The G-7 will be in your garden upcoming summer.

Imagine daring to say that your products are the best of the world for the best prices. Well, I could not, I would not dare. Even so, it still seems like a fun thing to do, to write a newsletter against my own nature with terminologies such as “You can’t miss this’’, ‘Deal of the Day’’, “Extra cheap, and always the best”, “1+1 free”, “Always extra benefits”, “Go for Gold”, “Only today”, “Take your chance”, “Best buy”, “Stock up”, “Second pair half price”, “Extremely cheap”… Oh yikes I already dislike this.

Dahlia Happy Single Kiss

This morning I thought to myself I should tell you rather aggressively that your garden isn’t complete without the G-7. The G-7, would be in this case the seven best Dahlias for your garden in my opinion. Those are the ones you should buy, because truly your garden won’t make it through summer without these seven beauties. All seven of them? Yes.

At least this is what I was thinking this morning but luckily the enthusiasm sank to my socks. Even more so, I don’t like it at all. I will not tell you what to do. But I will tell you what, in my eyes, are the best seven Dahlias. Each of them worth the effort of trying. And please, do not buy them all and leave a few, as I would like to have some of them in my own garden as well.

Here the seven champs of Dahlias and their description that you can find on the Fluwel website:

Dahlia Romantica

She’s got the looks, what a beauty. And then the name… who wouldn’t want this in their garden. She is living up to her name with her sensual colored flowers, the romance is dripping off them. Every time I see her, this vibrant Dahlia knows her way into my heart with her stunning looks. Her flowering is passionate, almost turbulent, what a great number of flowers. A little less had been enough as well, but on the other side, you can never get enough Romantica.

Dahlia Mambo

Just like every Latin-American dance, the hips should be able to move freely and rhythmically. You can already try to remember if you consider bringing this Dahlia into your own garden. And yes, the Mambo is indeed the dance from the movie Dirty Dancing, with all the stepping on toes, so no that isn’t easy, that dance. However, the Dahlia Mambo is, fortunately, a lot easier to handle. Just like every other Anemone Dahlia, the Mambo is flowering cheerfully and will be dancing through your garden on her elegant thin stems. The trendy colored flowers of the Mambo are a little bigger that most of her “Anemone flowering’’ friends. Even more of a show in your garden. Really, try it out, she will stand out in your garden like a flamingo in a henhouse.

Dahlia Maaike

Oh, such a sweetie. Dozens of sweet soft colored flowers will come together in a cloud, even more pink than you could dream of in the most romantic dream. Despite her lovely and innocent appearance, Maaike is a Dahlia that can handle herself just fine. She just keeps on flowering and flowering. A Dahlia that is a powerhouse with just the right amount of fluffiness. You will pick many flowers of this one, I know it for sure. You can’t keep away from this adorable flower, she is simply too cute. And this is ok, she will give enough flowers.

Dahlia Milena Fleur

This beauty of a Dahlia is named after an enthusiastic lady that works at one of the many TV stations in the Netherlands where she makes documentaries about interesting Dutch companies. Dahlia hybridizer Peter Komen, from Anna Paulowna (North-Holland), asked her if he could name one of his Dahlia seedlings after Milena Fleur when she visited him to make a tv series about his company and the beautiful Dahlias Peter hybridizes. A more beautiful name than ‘‘Milena Fleur” is hard to think of. Her reply was: “Of course you can, can I pick one myself?”. You cannot make me happier is what Peter then said. She chose this fantastic Dahlia, a romantically colored, yet strong, flower with a luxurious selection of pastel shades that slowly turn pink as the flower ripens. Milena Fleur, a winner in your garden.

Dahlia Skyfall

Nothing left to fix, leave her as she is, this Dahlia is perfect. This is what you want to have in your garden as a gardener. Skyfall is one of the most graceful and eccentric Dahlias that I have met in the past years. It is not just her flowers that I find truly beautiful, but it is everything. It is her full elegant appearance that makes me fall in love with this flamboyant Dahlia every time. A maze of stems with playful happy flowers that will brighten up your garden. The plant itself is not too big, or to plumpy, but just as you like the plant of a Dahlia to be. Skyfall is simply a pretty flower, a sweetheart with a lovely number of beautiful flowers. This Dahlia could make every little abandoned corner of your garden a little paradise. The entire summer she stood in ours as well, and every time that a bouqet of Dahlias was being picked, it included some of the flowers of Skyfall. She has enough flowers so a few of them won’t be missed.

Bee Friendly Dahlia mix

This Bee friendly Dahlia mix is developed by Eric Breed. For years, Eric was busy retrieving the seeds of the happiest, most beautiful, and best flowering Dahlias of this kind. Just the upper best Dahlias were qualified to finally create a mix that was good enough to bring on the market. Naturally, we were there in a heartbeat to get our hands on this mix. The Bee Friendly mix is simply a masterpiece. You will enjoy it like you have never enjoyed flowers before. They will be dancing in your garden cheerfully. You will see so yourself, you will be happy too, they are contagious. Give your garden a facelift by planting these Dahlias throughout your entire garden in different places, I promise you will be perplexed. Birds will start singing more beautifully, flowers will be looking extra pretty, your garden has never looked so good. And in the middle of it all, I hope you will find a moment to truly enjoy it all as well.

Dahlia Otto’s Thrill

Big is Better is what they say in America. This Dahlia is the prove of that, her birthplace is in America. She was won by mister Otto Aumiller in 1956, so she is quite an oldie. To be frank I like the fact that she is old, because it always shows that the plant or bulb has good quality, otherwise they would have disappeared a long time ago as well. So, there is nothing wrong with Otto’s Thrill. It is a giant of a Dahlia; she stands like a house in your garden. A big stocky plant, big flowers, a burly, fat plant. I think she stands before the fridge every night taking in some more calories. When you want to enrich your garden with big blobs of pink… Otto’s thrill. A fun fact is that the Dahlia Break Out, that we also offer, is a spontaneous version of color of Otto’s Thrill. A Dahlia just as tough but only in a softer shade of pink.

As I arrive at number seven, all other different types of Dahlias come up in my head. Others that I should have mentioned, this one, and that one, and I shouldn’t skip that one as well... All in all, a reminder to myself that I don’t know what I am doing anyways. Naturally, there are a few Dahlias of the over 100 that we offer that I like a little less personally, but that others could absolutely love. It all boils down to the fact that I am also just trying to sell you some nonsense. Your garden won’t look more beautiful when you plant the Dahlias that I
like. On the contrary, your garden will be truly beautiful when you plant the Dahlias that you love yourself.

I wish you a lot of fun shopping.

With kind regards,
Carlos van der Veek