Are there any Tulips that come back when you do not dig them and leave them in the garden?

The Tulip is no perennial that blooms in the garden every spring. To make sure that they bloom every year it is better to dig them and treat the bulbs.

But like every rule also this one has an exception; The Darwin Hybrid Tulips.

Darwin Hybrid Tulips are large flowering modern Tulips that are bred from the fosteriana Tulip. The fosteriana Tulip is a species Tulip that grows in the wild.

Darwin Hybris Tulips are large, vigorous and strong Tulips that are very suitable to use as garden Tulips. Tulips of this type tend to survive better in the soil than all other types of large flowering modern Tulips.

It is no guarantee that when you plant these Tulips they always will perform as well for many years but is certainly is worth the try.

I planted several around my house that bloomed for many years but to be honest, I also planted quite a few that only bloomed properly for just one year.

To increase the chance of a good result I do advise you to plant the Tulip bulbs somewhat deeper than you might be used to: a least 15 cm of soil on top of the bulbs.

Darwin Hybris Tulips are excellent Tulips for the garden and do all have the same shape of flower and the same blooming time. They are frequently used in our mixtures and combinations and appreciated by many gardener.

All the Tulips pictured in this newsletter are Darwin Hybrid Tulips and available in the Fluwel web shop.

Please do give it a try, when these Tulips feel home in your garden you might enjoy them for many years.

Best regards,

Carlos van der Veek