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Spring is too beautiful not to be celebrated, so we plant Daffodils.

I've just been to Great Britain and Ireland and now I'm sure we know nothing about it; they plant much, much more Daffodils than we do on mainland Europe. They just know: 'a life without Daffodils is possible but empty'.

Look, dear people, those Brits are better at football, tea, phone booths, Guinness, pubs, driving on the left, double-decker buses, golf and Wiskey allá, fine, no problem. But planting daffodils? Come on, we should be able to do better.

Along the roadsides of the street in which they live, at the football club, the entrance to the golf club, around the church, on the roundabout, you see Daffodils blooming everywhere in the spring.

Daffodil picking in Cornwall

How fond the British are of the Daffodil is perhaps best seen in the trade that is done in the flowers of the Daffodil. Every spring, from January to April, hundreds of millions of flowers are picked on the countless Daffodil fields. All these flowers certainly are not for export to Europe, the vast majority all end up in the vases at the British home.

But the most beautiful use of the Daffodil is surely all those beautiful, mostly yellow, tufts that you show up everywhere in the roadsides when you drive through England in early spring. I sincerely hope that you will also consider planting a few on your street. And you really don't have to do that alone.

Ask the neighbour, the treasurer of the billiard club or a friend of the card club if they would like to decorate the roadside with you and plant 100 bulbs of our beautiful Fluwel Daffodil mixture. For sure that you will celebrate spring for years to come, because again: spring is too beautiful not to be celebrated.

Daffodil Carlton

Best regards,

Carlos van der Veek

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